The Piggy Story on Momma’s Bacon! Chalk n Marker Art Cases Perfect for Car Rides.


The Piggy Story on Momma’s Bacon!   Chalk n Marker Art Cases Perfect for Car Rides.

Designed to Capture Young Imaginations – Manufacturer of Children’s products and accessories!

Did I ever share the story about how I came to name my blog Momma’s Bacon?  It’s not entirely eventful, but it is a little funny at how the name almost seemed to come out of thin air.  I had been writing up little reviews about children’s products to friends, family, and a mom’s group just for fun.  I kept getting more requests for feedback on products and it started to snowball when one friend mentioned that I should start a blog with my reviews.  A What?  This was at the end of 2010 and I honestly didn’t know much about blogs….I thought it was like a LiveJournal thing kids did, but I was wrong.  After deciding to start a blog, I didn’t have a name for it, so the idea sort of stalled.  Everyone seemed to have a catchy name, but I was at a loss.  It was a few weeks later that my husband (who was a Stay at Home Dad at the time) and I were joking about all the time and money I spent on researching and getting kid’s products coupled with my new blog idea and I said, “Yeah, but if momma is bringing home the bacon (aka ‘money’), she can spend her money on what she wants after all the bills are paid!”  That night I went to bed, tired and mostly sleeping with the occasional wake-up from baby Brooke, and in a slightly delirious state, I jumped out of bed and said, “Ah ha!  I got it!  Momma’s Bacon!”  Bob, who woke up, was like, “What?”  “My blog!  I’ll call it Momma’s Bacon!” In an instant, it all made complete sense.  I’d be reviewing products that were bought from ‘Momma’s Bacon’, so why not call it that?  I thought it was clever and I remember turning on my laptop in the middle of the night to start searching if the name was taken.  It wasn’t.  I rejoiced!  My blog was officially started!

Momma’s Bacon has a focus of fun, family products that were slanted to being educational.  Most of my reviews still center around children’s books and music, but it has definitely expanded over the last five years into products for everyone in our family, even our cats!  I went a little ‘hog wild’ and I couldn’t escape the association with pigs, bacon, and my blog.  I even had a friend design a pig right into my new logo for my site.  My husband made me bacon business cards.  It went from being a fun side project hobby, to a full time hobby, to something I enjoy so much that I could easily do it full-time.   I love finding cool products for my family and since my oldest daughter, now a first grader, is really into art, I’ve reviewed lots of artsy products now.  To have this story come full circle, I learned about The Piggy Story (pigs, bacon, etc., it seemed to go hand-in-hand with my blog) and their children’s products that are made to capture the imagination.  It just so happens that their newest product called the Chalk and Marker Art Cases brought together Brooke’s love of ponies with her love of art with their Dancing Ponies case and it was perfect for our commute rides and for our planned summer trips.  Yes, Brooke can actually keep herself totally entertained in the car just by drawing.  It’s so —-ahhhhhh—-nice!

Brooke1  Brooke LOVES My Little Pony almost as much as drawing!

The Chalk n Marker Art Case by The Piggy Story is a fun and easy way to keep chalk, markers, drawing pad and other art supplies neatly packed to take along to car rides, vacation or out for the day.  This is a perfect summer activity case just for the car.  It neatly folds out to have two different drawing surfaces so that your budding artists can take to the road with this on-the-go art case.   The carrying case is very durable as well as being one-of-a-kind and has an interior zippered mesh pocket that keeps their little prized possessions handy!  You can easily replace the drawing pad from your local art store or with The Piggy Story’s Little Doodle Pads.  There are many different case designs from Dinosaurs to Woodland Critters, but Brooke, of course, had her heart set on all things PONY.

Size: 10.5” w. x 10.5” h. x 0.75” d.

Chalk1Chalk n Marker Art Case-Dancing Ponies

The Piggy Story Chalk n Marker Art Case comes with:

  • 4 pages of chalk friendly drawing space
  • 6 pieces of colored chalk and 1 erase cloth
  • 50 sheet blank drawing pad
  • 6 washable markers

We love this art case because we like to limit technology play each day and as much time as we spend in the car, it’s easy to hand Brooke a Kindle to keep busy.  However, with her new art case (and her favorite songs list we have complied with the car) Brooke can easily keep herself entertained, no batteries required!  If you are looking for non-battery games and toys to keep your kids busy this summer, check out The Piggy Story’s website for all their cool products, especially their new Chalk ‘N’ Market Art Cases.  You won’t be sorry!

Austinites!  Find The Piggy Story products locally!  The Piggy Story products can be found at 13 local Austin locations from Baby Bugaloo to Terra Toys.  Check out their nearest location to you on their store locator page on their website HERE.

The Piggy Story on Momma’s Bacon!   Chalk n Marker Art Cases Perfect for Car Rides.

List Price: $ 26.00

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