My Little Sister and Me (Hardcover)


My Little Sister and Me (Hardcover)

It’s a big job when a big brother gets to take his little sister home from school for the very first time.

This book made me smile!  I’m a little sister who also happens to have a little sister, so I can relate to both characters in this adorable new children’s book.  In this debut book by author and illustrator, Maple Lam, a big brother is responsible for getting his younger sister home from school for the first time ever.  She doesn’t make it easy for him; she forgets about her teddy bear, she picks up trash, she really has to use the restroom, and she gets frightened by a thunder storm, but her big brother (annoyed as he is at times) does his best and makes sure his little sis arrives back safe and sound to their mom.  There is a special bond between siblings and while we may tease each other or fight about the silliest things, siblings love and care for each other and the little sister shows her appreciation by writing her brother a thank you note at the end.  It’s cute, silly, and oh-so-sweet, and the perfect book for siblings as they are getting ready to go back-to-school!

About the Author/Illustrator:  This is the debut book of author-illustrator Maple Lam.  Maple is a little sister who claims she causes no trouble at all – just like the little sister in this book!  Maple lives in Southern California with her family.  See more of her work at

My Little Sister and Me (Hardcover)

List Price: $ 17.99 (On sale through Amazon Prime for $14.67)

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