The Hollow Trees “Hello Friend” (Music for Families)


The Hollow Trees “Hello Friend” (Music for Families)

Folk Music for Families. Upbeat acoustic Americana for everyone. A great mix of old-time chestnuts, obscure gems, and fun new original songs.

“Hello Friend” official release date is July 1, 2016.

The Hollow Trees play what they call “Folk Music for Families.” It’s high energy acoustic Americana music played with passion, skill, and humor. They combine the musical styles of bluegrass, country, folk, blues and jazz and put their stamp on many traditional folk songs as well as original compositions.  Blending an Americana cornucopia of musical styles that includes folk, bluegrass, jug band, Western swing, country, blues, and jazz, The Hollow Trees offer a great mix of old-time chestnuts, obscure gems, and fun, new original songs.  The band, noted for tossing off clever wordplay combined with excellent musicianship, has been compared to Asleep at the Wheel, the Jim Kweskin jug band, and even The Hoosier Hotshots.

The Hollow Trees were formed in 2004 by singer and guitar player Gregory Hollow Tree with upright bass player Laura Hollow Tree. After the release of their first CD, “The Hollow Trees” and many shows, they expanded their lineup to include singer and jug player Traci Hollow Tree and a revolving cast of other musicians on instruments such as drums, mandolin, fiddle, and banjo.

Says Hollow Tree founding member Gregory of The Hollow Tree (AKA Greg McIlcaine), “My favorite part of being in The Hollow Trees is playing our live shows.  We’ve been playing most of our material that’s included on Hello Friend live, and we wanted to make this record sound like our live shows by using the same musicians and generally keeping it simple.  We also wanted to focus a little more on original songs that we’ve done in the past, and I think we came up with a great batch of them, augmenting some fun covers.”

The Hollow Trees’ universe revolves around the Hollow Tree and it’s resident Nelson. The Hollow Tree grows in the middle of a magic meadow, hidden inside an enchanted forest which is located on the outskirts of the town of Nelsonville (which also happens to be the name of a little city close to where i grew up in SE Ohio, so it seems like a perfect name for someone like me who grew up around Wayne National Forest.) Many of the Trees’ original songs tell stories about Nelson and his friends and fellow residents of Nelsonville, and Nelson himself is known to make appearances at Hollow Trees’ shows.

Nelsonville is a nod to the The Hollow Trees’ second CD, “Welcome to Nelsonville,” that was released in January of 2008 to rave reviews. It incorporates the new members with some great old songs as well as original songs which explore the Hollow Trees’ world with characters like Ray the music shop owner and Ted the Talking Tree.  While the The Hollow Trees’ show is geared toward children from the ages of 1-7, but the good humor and high level of musicianship makes it fun for all ages.

I love how the music seamlessly moves from funny songs like “What Do You want On Your Taco” to profound ditties like, “It Ain’t No Fault of Mine” to a remake of the classic America song, “She’ll be Coming Around the Mountain.”  You can tell Greg was influenced by artists like Burl Ives and Dan Zanes and his musical epiphany that he was made to write children’s songs came soon after the birth of his first child.  I’m excited to bring you more information on this lovely album, including the full track listing and ways you can purchase this album for your own family.  Good times!

“Hello Friend” Track Listing:

  1. What Do You Want On Your Taco?
  2. Merry Go Round
  3. My Dog Has Fleas
  4. I Can’t Dance (I’ve Got Ants in My Pants)
  5. It Ain’t No Fault of Mine
  6. Hello Friend
  7. The Whole Thing
  8. My Metaphor
  9. Guitar You Going to Sing Along?
  10. Poor Papa
  11. Backward Bill
  12. She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain
  13. I Like to Draw
  14. The Harmony Hills

The Hollow Trees “Hello Friend” (Music for Families)

List Price: $ 11.99

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