Hide and Seek Interactive Plush by Hide and Seek LLC


Hide and Seek Interactive Plush by Hide and Seek LLC

The oldest game in the world with technology and wonderful art and platform writing for imagination and encourages play between adults and child and individual play by child.

Dr.TOYBest-Classic2016 FOURAcrossBrooke

Hide and Seek is one of the oldest classic games in the world – and now it has a twist!  Hide & Seek with an interactive plush is a game to play, read, hide, listen, and discover, which makes it a rewarding cognitive experience on top of being super fun! The Hide & Seek plush is a companion that is soft enough to sleep with and snuggle all the time.  The accompanying book stands alone as a fun board book that engages the child through pictures and fundamental prepositions and acquainting ones self with plush individuals of Peeky, Undy, Toppy and Inny who love to play Hide & Seek!  Readers will also meet Scratch the dog in the book who is a curious character that will be more heavily involved in the follow-up book geared towards playing Hide & Seek outdoors.  Oh la la!  I also heard a rumor the book itself will be WATERPROOF to expand on the outdoor element!

Hide and Seek Interactive Plush uses technology and wonderful art with a whimsical plush toy and book to encourage play between adults and children or even children by themselves. Playing this game stimulates cognitive learning and education of words/prepositions, and discovery. What I love, love, love about this toy is that you can essential play hide and seek with your child without having to hide at all!  No more squeezing inside of too-small cabinets or closets as you wait for what seems like hours and you can barely breathe!

FullSizeRender  Peeky ready to be found!

Our little hider, Peeky the cat, is activated by a push of his paw and while my daughters close their eyes while I hide him, he starts giving little calls to give them hints to where he is located.  “I’m over here!” you can hear him say and my kids go wild trying to track him down.  The most amazing part is that when Peeky is discovered, he KNOWS it!  After the child picks up the toy, he is programmed to say, “You found me!  Let’s play again!”  It’s pretty awesome.  I had no idea how excited both of the girls would be with Peeky and Brooke finds it even more hilarious to hide the plush from her little sis.  This game literally kept them occupied for almost an hour on a Saturday morning.  An hour!  Hallelujah!  Bob and I were able to drink our coffee in peace.  I can’t wait for the grandparents to visit because I think Peeky will become their new best friend, too.  Grandpa (or ‘Milk’ as my daughter calls him….long story short, when she was learning to read she misread his name ‘Mike’ as ‘Milk’ and the joke continues….) is getting a little too old to be hiding in Brooke’s toy box and now he doesn’t have to do it!  Totally genius.

Here’s a fun tidbit!  Charles Cummings invented the patented IC that goes into the Hide and Seek plush.  Ever heard of him?  If not, you should!  He is also the inventor of Classic Toys such as the Easy bake Oven, Baby Alive & Spirograph. WOW!  Kevin Whitlark is the cartoonist/artist/writer that created the four cat characters and illustrated and wrote all the Hide and Seek books.


According to Kevin, they will keep expanding the imagination of this wonderful game using more and more realistic opportunities. How about Hide and Seek on the Farm? Hide and Seek at the Zoo? Hide and Seek in the Ocean?  And even Hide and Seek Camping!  His passion for this platform and his desire to continual grow his characteres means that his ideas for this series are limitless to himself and to the imagination.  I can see Hide and Seek in Space, Hide and Seek in Prehistoric times, and even Hide and Seek geared towards the holidays.  This fun and interactive classic game goes to the next level with Kevin’s creations and my family is happy to go on this hide and seek adventure.  Yay!

About Kevin Whitlark:  Kevin draws cats, cats, and more cats.  When he finishes drawing cats he goes to the next thing, CATS!  For almost three decades, Kevin has been tickling the fancy of animal lovers all over the world.  Thousands of greeting cards, children’s books, humor books, jigsaw puzzles to name a few with the likes of Scholastics, Inc., CEACO, Papyrus Andrews McMeel Publishing, Universal Press Syndicate American Greetings Recycled Paper Greetings, and Sellers Publishing.  Kevin lives in Atlanta with his wife, Lisa, and their six children; Erin, Forrest, Kate, Mary Grace, Anna Elizabeth, and Liam.



Hide and Seek Interactive Plush by Hide and Seek LLC


List Price: $ 24.95


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