Photo iPhone Extra Protective Bumper Cases by Put a Case on Me


Photo iPhone Extra Protective Bumper Cases by Put a Case on Me

Custom cell phone case designer. Let us protect and customize your phone!

There are many days when I’m working and my kids are at school that I feel like I am living to get an updated picture of them from their teachers.  It makes my day to see their beautiful faces having fun.  It’s hard being a working parents and social media has made it easier to see your kids in real time.  Although I don’t get photos every day, I like to carry lots of photo reminders of my girls.  Their pictures light up my face and I look forward to seeing them every day after school.  I recently made a custom designed case for my iPad and I was excited to do the same for my iPhone.  The cases are so handy because not only do they protect my electronics, I get to see pictures of my kids every single time I use my electronic devices, which, fortunately or not, are never far from my grasp.  It’s lovely and beautiful and I am excited to tell you about a company called Put a Case on Me from my home state of O-H-I-O!

Put a Case on Me is a Grove City, Ohio company that makes custom cell phone cases and is literally less than an hour from where my parents now live.  Customized and monogram phone cases are the perfect way to design your own case with style and putting an extra protective bumper case on your cell phone is a MUST for parents.  When I’m taking out my two little kids ages almost-six and under, my cell phone gets dropped, lost, and pretty beat up so protective cases have saved me a lot of headache.  Put A Case On Me was easy to use and I was able to create my own custom case in minutes.  You can create your own Monogrammed or Photo Customized design at their site and once complete, it ships out almost immediately.  Their design team is always happy to assist with your customized designs and I’m so happy with the final product.

Put a Case On Me has personalized phone cases that allow you to select your own font and add as many lines of text as you want. Their designs are sleek and stylish and I love that I was able to customize my own phone case with pictures of my girls!  Yes!  Put a Case On Me has thousands of patterns to choose from so you can make your own case easily. Choose any color to make the monogram cell phone case exactly how you want it. Be unique and create a personalized cell phone case to stand out from the crowd! They carry covers for all the new devices like the iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 Plus, Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge, and I’m including the full list of phone types of personalized cases you can make through this company below!

Monogrammed & Personalized Cases. Select your phone type:

About Put a Case On Me:  Put a Case On Me takes the stress out of designing your own phone case but still allows for completely custom and one of a kind accessories. Start by selecting one of our designs and then provide your own personalizations. Colors, text, fonts, all are custom and editable to meet your needs! Don’t see what your looking for? Contact Put a Case On Me to work one-on-one with their designers to create a truly unique product just for you. Cases are designed and shipped from Columbus, Ohio.

Photo iPhone Extra Protective Bumper Cases by Put a Case on Me

List Price: $ 34.99

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