Eric Herman and the Thunder Puppies “Bubble Wrap” (Music for Families)


Eric Herman and the Thunder Puppies “Bubble Wrap” (Music for Families)

The official album release date is June 10, 2016.

When I reviewed Eric’s last album, Party Animal, that was released in 2014, I didn’t know Eric’s backstory about the passing of his beloved wife, Roseann Endres, and how he had become a single dad to Becca (13) and Evee (11).  I have two small girls and the thought of leaving them in life so early and how much strain and grief that would put on a father, I now understand why it took him FIVE long years to finish that album.  The good news is that after some time has passed, Eric is back and feeling optimistic about the future and has a new album, Bubble Wrap that is due out on June 10.  The album represents a personal creative reinvigoration which I am happy to know that Eric has found.
Eric says, “All of the songs came together in just over a year, and the process felt exciting, vibrant, and meaningful.”  Bubble Wrap is also the first album Eric has made with his band, the Thunder Puppies.

Just like his last album, Bubble Wraps includes many notable guest spots such as Keith and Ezra of Trout Fishing in America, Mister G, Kenn Nesbitt, Roger Day, and MORE!  It’s wonderful to see other bands supporting Eric and Bubble Wrap will inspire repeated pops (into the CD changer), much like its namesake.  Bubble Wrap is a hard poppin’ new family music album by Eric Herman and the Thunder Puppies. Eric is well known for his music videos (over 50 million views on YouTube!), and Herman’s debut album with his full band will include many upcoming videos including the first video release of “Bubble Wrap” which debuted on May 24.

Eric Herman and the Thunder Puppies_Bubble Wrap_photo credit Darin Warnick

Now that I understand Eric’s backstory a little more, I listened to Bubble Wrap with a whole new meaning and awe at how a single dad is able to cope and bounce back with his kids after losing a wife and mother.  While Bubble Wrap is filled with lots of fun and clever lyrics with his usual hook-filled songs, there are many issues that are touched on that kids face in their everyday life.  Funny songs like being obsessed with popping bubble wrap and loving food are light and airy songs that make you want to dance and laugh simultaneously.  There are songs about not wanting to take a bath or feeling a little blue about returning to school on a Monday, which both ring true and are relatable to both parents and kids.  The most impressive songs on the album, I find, are the ones that deal with deeper issues I normally do not hear on a children’s album, such as dealing with the death of a parent or having your best friend move away to even having stage fright.  These are heavy songs for children to absorb, it is more of a matter of fact way to deal with common issues children face behind incredibly vibrant and diverse music of Eric and the Thunder Puppies.  It’s a unique album that touches my heart, and Eric’s voice and style make this a must-have album in the family-friendly music genre.  

Eric Herman and the Thunder Puppies_photo credit Denise Culver

Bubble Wrap Track Listing:

1. Bubble Wrap
2. You Are What You Eat
3. Sunflower Seeds
4. Where’s Saturday?
5. Phone
6. What I Want
7. Everybody’s Watching
8. Fun Times
9. Take a Bath
10. I Wanna Be That Guy
11. Okay
12. Hello

Check it out!  Here is the teaser trailer for the now released video for “Bubble Wrap” now available on Eric’s website and his YouTube channel.

Eric Herman and the Thunder Puppies “Bubble Wrap” (Music for Families)

List Price: $ 11.49 (Now on sale for $9.49 through Eric’s website)

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