Dotz Cord and Cable Management Products (Family Organization)


Dotz Cord and Cable Management Products (Family Organization)

The best ideas are always simple!

Bob and I are trying to start our new home off with a right start with the hope of staying ORGANIZED.  With two small children that can tear through the house like a hurricane, it’s not always easy to keep our home clutter-free.  In this day and age, you can’t do anything without technology.  Laptops, Rokus, Kindles, and mini-iPads have become a jumbled mess of cords that we really wanted to tame.  As I’ve been on a mission to find ways to keep us organized, I ran into the Dotz products on a random Google search.  I was looking for cord identifiers (mostly for my sanity), but what I found on the site was a plethora of organizational items for all things cords and cables.  WOW!  This was definitely designed with ME in mind, right?!?  HA.  While you can go on their website (cited below) and find your perfect items, here are two of my favorite Dotz products that have already been a HUGE help to me.

Dotz1  Dotz Cord Identifiers ($4.99 for 5-pack)

Identify, Simplify, and Organize with Dotz™ Cord Identifiers™. Dotz easy-to-use identifiers allow for quick cord identification and organization around the home, office, or on-the-go. Each cord Identifier can be easily customized through the choice of a pre-printed icon or customizable insert. Take the guesswork out of identifying what cord belongs to what device and never unplug the wrong cord again!  No more mixing my cell phone cord with Bob’s at night.  Yay!

Dotz2Dotz ID Cord Wraps ($7.99 Each)

Shorten, Store and Protect with the Dotz™ Cord Wrap™. At home, office or on the go keep your cords and cables secure, protected, and tangle free. Simply wrap up to 8 ft. of cord or cable around the spindle and snap it shut. Just want to get rid of some excess cord? No problem. Simply unravel what you need and conceal the rest in this sleek and durable case.  This product is wonderful because with a curious toddler, it’s important to us that she doesn’t try to wrap herself in any long wires.  This is a simple design that works so well, I wish I had thought of it first!

Psst!   I got the scoop that Dotz is launching TWO new products this year so I hope to be able to review them when they come out!

About the Designer/Founder:  Micah Maraia has had the entrepreneurial spirit and passion for creation since he was a child. After working in both the corporate and consultant settings, successfully designing and launching client’s products from housewares to super computers, Micah felt the time had come to pursue his own dreams. Inspired by an impenetrable entanglement of cords in his studio,he envisioned a simple, intuitive system to bring order to the chaos and the Dotz® product line was born.  The excitement people continue to express for Dotz® products along with the continued need for innovation in this area feeds Micah’s passion to continue to expand the Dotz® line. Look out for more great things to come!

Dotz Cord and Cable Management Products (Family Organization)

List Price: $ Varies by Product

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