Grund ® Designer Rugs Series


Grund ® Designer Rugs Series

At Grund® America LLC, we design and manufacture Europe’s highest quality bath mats and accessories. Join us as we introduce these luxuries to homes in the US!


We have lots of vinyl floor within our house and two young kids, so that means we have plenty of RUGS.  We have gone through rugs like crazy, mainly because we bought cheap products and kids are tough on them.  However, I’ve got some perfect news for those of you looking for durable and beautiful rugs at a reasonable price.  Today is an exciting time for Grund America LLC who will receive an (seal of approval) from Parent Tested/Parent Approved (PTPA).  Press Releases, Twitter parties, and other Social Media parties are currently being planned, so I will tweet any scoop on contests and giveaways on their amazing and durable rugs right away.  STAY TUNED!  

Our Grund Designer Rug Favorites!

Grund1Grund ® Agarthi Series Designer Rugs (List Price: $39.99)

Vibrant and energetic! The Designer Series will kick-start your morning routine in your bathroom by waking you up with these bright colors and fun pattern! They may even add a little zest to making your coffee or boost when folding laundry. Comes in many fashion forward colors and is available in one size: 21″ X 34″.

Grund2Grund® Mandala Art-Fun Loving Series-Extra Large (List Price: $59.99$119.99)

Hip, fashionable, and  trendy! The Mandala Series is a new collection that is sure to add zest to any room.  You will want one of these mats for your bedroom, dorm room, playroom, or anywhere you hang out! Machine tufted. Comes in three harmonizing colors and is available in one size: 48″ x 48″.  More sizes, shapes, and colors coming soon!

Check it out!  Here is the link to all of the designer rugs that Grund has to offer!

About Grund:  The Grund family and company mission is to spread the joy and excitement of their products. Not only by how beautiful they look, but also by the fact that they are vertically made by a compassionate and loving company. They believe that it is their responsibility to share the success that they have, by working hard together with our employees and community.

Grund ® Designer Rugs Series

List Price: $ 39.99 – $ 119.00 (Price depends on product and size)

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