This summer is all ‘up’ and ‘down’ with Andres “Arriba Abajo” New Music Release


This summer is all ‘up’ and ‘down’ with Andres “Arriba Abajo” New Music Release

Arriba Abajo (English Translation is ‘up’ and ‘down”) will be available on June 10, 2016!

First let me start off by saying, I learned the words Arriba Abajo from my Spanish friends when I attended language school in Spain as part of a drinking ritual.  Before you drink you say, “¡Arriba, abajo, al centro, pa’ dentro!”  Which literally means, “up, down, center, inside.”  Ha!  Unfortunately, that was the first thought that crossed my mind when I saw the title of Andrés Salguero’s newest album, but believe me this is all about kids, so no need to censor to the under 21 age crowd!

I remember when I first did a review on Andrés Salguero’s album entitled Andrés Salguero ¡Uno, Dos, Tres con Andrés! CD (All Ages) in 2014 and I have been a fan ever since.  What’s more exciting is that this Colombian native and musician is coming out with a new English/Spanish album just in time for Brooke to begin her Spanish Immersion Camp this summer.  Our house is filled with Spanish music and I try my best to incorporate what I know at home.  While Andrés is Colombian, his awesome albums include many different types and sounds of music from Latin America and I love that the first ten songs are in English, while the next ten songs are the SAME songs, but translated into Spanish.  To anyone who has tried to translate music/language from one to the other, it is quite a challenge, but Andrés does it seamlessly.

Let’s Learn!  Andrés is very passionate about building on his songs to extend to other areas of learning.  There are so many studies that support the importance of children learning a second language as early as primary school that it’s hard to argue that language studies and immersion are important.  The album will include a 35-page Learning Guide that is full of fun and interactive activities for families and educators to use to extend language learning.  Awesome!  Besides all the wonderful educational properties of Andrés’ albums, they also SOUND great.  The rhythms are catching, the lyrics are wonderful for kids, and the songs include counting, shapes, colors, days of the week, etc., in Spanish and English.  Yes, it’s awesome.  We are getting a lot of use out of this album as Brooke continues her journey in becoming fluent in Spanish and albums like Arriba Abajo is a powerful educational resource that gets you moving!  We love the songs in English because it helps us in learning the Spanish translation, but we prefer to listen to the Spanish lyrics.  Our favorite is “Vamos a cantar” which translates to “Sing with me now”. It’s a powerful opening to a wonderful album all about appreciating other languages.  Love!


Track Listing:

1.Vamos a cantar
2.Diez pajaritos
3.El danzón y el cha cha chá
5.Cielo suelo
6.Las dos vacas
7.Dame una A
8.Vuela vuela
9.La semilla
10.Lunes, luna
11.Sing Now with Me
12.Ten Little Birds
13.Danzón and Cha Cha Chá
15.Sky, Ground
16.The Two Cows
17.Give Me an A
18.Fly, Fly
19.The Seed
20.Monday, Moon
21.Colorín Colorado (feat. Radio Jarocho & Zenen Zeferino)

About Andrés Salguero:  Andrés is a native of Colombia who now lives in the US.   He is a bilingual teaching artist and was recently nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards in 2015.  He holds a Doctorate in Music and has been featured on Telemundo, CNN en Espanol and Univision.  His music spins on Sirius XM’s Kids Place Live, WXPN’s Kid’s Corner and many other radio stations across the US and Latin America.

Want to book Andrés?  Check Andres website for his upcoming tour.  A tour date isn’t in your area?  You are still in luck!  Located in Washington, DC, Andrés will travel for shows in the East coast and the Midwest to perform.

This summer is all ‘up’ and ‘down’ with  Andres “Arriba Abajo” New Music Release

List Price: $15.00

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