Roshambo Junior Shades


Roshambo Junior Shades

Families that Shade Together Stay Together

Yup, I watched Ducktails.   I can still remember the theme song.  It was a new era of Disney kids with a focus on adventures with Huey, Dewey and Louie and there was always craziness and humor around when you bring Uncle Scrooge and Launchpad Mcquack into the picture.  I always wondered, though, how did Uncle Scrooge not have serious injuries from diving and swimming in a pool filled with gold coins?  I guess these days, they would rate the show above a “G” rating due to issues of serious injury/and or violence!

Duck Tales (woo oo)
Everyday they’re out there making,
Duck Tales (woo oo)
Tales of daring-do bad and good
Duck Tales (woo oo)

Why am I talking and singing about Ducktails?  Simple.  All kidding aside, it all has to go with sunglasses.  I was SO HAPPY to see that Roshambo now has glasses for older children and adults.  These hip and cool sunglasses are not just for babies anymore.  Austin is known for its nice sunny weather and it is one of the reasons why I love living here.  However, it is extremely important to protect your eyes in this sunny weather from UV rays.  Sunglasses should be worn during daylight hours even if it is cloudy or hazy and have at least a 95% protection from UV rays.  Parents are encouraged to get sunglasses with UV protection for their children and the eyes of small infants should always be shaded from sun exposure.

I’ve been impressed with Roshmabo’s style since I got a pair for Brie when she was a baby.  It would actually stay on her head and it looked sytlish!  My kids always hated those wrap around baby glasses and Brie refused to wear hats, so Roshambo has been a life-saver (or an EYE saver?)  As Brie grows, so does her head, and Roshambo has a ‘junior’s line that are stylish and safe for kids!  Did you know that doctors actually suggest children be taught to wear dark lens sunglasses with 100% UVA and UVB protection at a young age?  Well, that is exactly what Roshambo has done in their shades.  We LOVE the Ducktail Junior Roshambo Shades with their orangy-coral look that is perfect for summer and also unisex.  It’s a cute and practical product that just makes sense!  We always gets a lot of compliments when out and about in her Ducktail’s shades and I love that it stays on her head without complaint.  Off to the park we go!

Cool Facts about Roshambo!

  • Material is specially designed with kids in mind: durable, flexible, chewable, light, and comfortable. a teething-like material designed for little people to use and abuse.
  • Nearly indestructible: Roshambo offers a full damage and lens replacement guarantee.
  • Certified bpa and phthalate free and small parts tested.
  • 100% uva/uvb lens protection with polarized upgrade available.
  • So light they can float!
  • Prescription-ready. That’s right!  Your child needs corrective lens?  Just take these glasses to any optometrist and get your prescription filled.
  • Approximate measurements: 5″ front (temple to temple) x 5″ long (arm length) x 1.5″ high. SIZE NOTE: the junior size fits a huge range of kids, teens, and may even be a fit for some more petite adults that usually wear small sunglasses.
  • Most importantly, you are helping support the autism research institute with every purchase!  See details below:

FREE SHIPPING within the United States!

Charity!  A portion of all sales go to the Autism Research Institute in San Diego, California to support their critical work. You can learn more about their work and programs at

Did you know?  Roshambo is an alternate name for rockpaperscissors game in English-speaking countries!  If you check out the Roshambo Baby’s design, it makes complete sense as it reflects all the hand gestures used in the game.  Smart!

Roshambo Junior Shades

List Price: $ 25.00

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