LiteCup by LiteCup USA *Coupon Code*


LiteCup by LiteCup USA *Coupon Code*

A unique and patented no spill sippy cup & nightlight

Both of my kids sleep next to a water bottle since they get thirsty at night.  Brie has insisted on using a recyclable ‘Minnie Water, as she calls it that used to be a juice drink.  The thing is, she loses it constantly.  In fact, the only time she wakes us up in the middle of the night is because she lost her stinkin’ ‘Minnie Water’ and wants mommy or daddy to find it.  When I saw the LiteCup, I thought it was perfect.  It’s a no spill light up cup and the result is that Brie now has a water cup she can easily spot in the middle of the night.  We love this cup for its functionality, but also because we like our sleep, we love that it is easy for Brie to locate and we can recycle the Minnie Water without feeling guilty.  It was a simple transition (what kid wouldn’t like a cool light up cup at nighttime?) and the creators of this cup were smart to realize that having a nighttime cup with a built in light is purely genius.  I’m going to tell you how to save some cash to get your own and I urge you to watch the LiteCup video on their website which shows the functionally of this product.  Love!

Check it out!  Watch this video on LiteCup for more information.

Functionalities of the LiteCup:

  • Effective non-spill valve.
  • Cup rim helps to ease the bottle / spouted sippy cup transition.
  • Important for long term oral health.
  • 360 degree cup edge means you can drink from anywhere round the rim.
  • No straws or spouts which can be used for comfort sucking.
  • Free flow natural drinking started by a small suck.
  • Light and robust for everyday use.
  • Great for travel and/or camping.
  • The night-light means you never lose your cup at night!
  • Light sensitive – No need to worry about turning it on or off.
  • Manually switched off to save on battery life.
  • Holds 11oz of a non-carbonated liquid.
  • Easy to clean.

Coupon Code!  LiteCup USA is offering my readers a 15% discount of their litecup order through their website using the coupon code ‘bacon15‘.  This offer is good through until 7/31/2016.

About LiteCip:  The litecup was created by a parent who wanted a better cup for his children. It just so happens that this parent was also an industrial designer – how handy!  From his studio in Putney Southwest London he started working on a drinking valve that could be non-spill but also provide the most natural drinking experience possible. He created the litecup – a clean and colorful cup with an integrated night light to support independent, mess-free drinking for you or your child – day or night!

LiteCup by LiteCup USA *Coupon Code*

List Price: $ 14.95

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