Hammer and Nails (Hardcover)


Hammer and Nails (Hardcover)

Perfect for Father’s Day!  Celebrate on Sunday, June 19, 2016!
  • Darcy has plans. She and her friend are going to play dress up, do each others hair, and polish their nails.
  • Daddy has plans, too. He’s going to read the paper, mow the lawn, and fix the fence.

When Darcy’s friend cancels and she’s sure her day is ruined, Daddy suggests that they tackle their to-do lists together with a Darcy-Daddy Day.  Just in time for Father’s Day, Hammer and Nails is a new picture book featuring a fun daddy-daughter duo!  Daddy dons a tutu, and Darcy gives him a fancy hair do. They groom the lawn with Her Majesty’s Mowing Service and face off in a Daddy-directed sock battle. But will Darcy want to hammer? Will Daddy do nails? You bet!  Stepping outside their comfort zones, Darcy and Daddy opt to be open-minded and even a bit daring.

As Daddy says, “Sometimes things you’ve never done end up being fun!”

Kids will delight in Darcy’s determination and Daddy’s uninhibited antics, and readers of all ages will be inspired to broaden their horizons. Hammer and Nails is a lively, lovely daddy/daughter book with a little silliness and a lot of warmth.  With a gung-ho attitude, Darcy masters the hammer, and Daddy goes for it with the nails.  Join Darcy and Daddy as they discover the fun in trying new things, especially with someone you love!

This is a wonderful book for our family, especially since our oldest daughter, Brooke, has been daddy’s little helper on all of our new house projects.  She takes this job very seriously.  And just as Brooke likes to do things with dad on his ‘to do’ list, her dad is also great about joining in on Brooke’s fun.  He even helped chaperon her first dance at school.  So cute!  We love Hammer and Nails and are looking forward to celebrating Father’s Day, too!

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

About the Author:  Josh Bledsoe is a debut author and elementary school teacher who loves hanging out with his kids. He has, at one time or another, played hair and nail salon, designed epic obstacle courses, worn a tutu, and made sandwiches out of waffles. He lives with his wife and two children outside Nashville, TN.

About the Illustrator:  Jessica Warrick creates humorous children’s book illustrations from her home studio. Her work has appeared in Weekly Reader, and this is her eighth picture book. She lives in Portland, OR.

About Flashlight PressPicture Books That Explore and Illuminate.  Flashlight Press is a Brooklyn, NY Company that publishes up to four books each year that are touching for the entire family.  Flashlight books are distributed by the Independent Publishers Group (IPG).  Check out their catalog here!

Hammer and Nails (Hardcover)


List Price: $ 17.95 (Available on Amazon Prime)

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