Breaking Accessory Trend: The Purse Coat, The Gussy (Fashion for Moms)


Breaking Accessory Trend: The Purse Coat, The Gussy

The Gussy. Embrace the Rain.

Spring and summer may rain puddles on the sidewalk and give a soaking to hair and feet but – thanks to the Gussy – when the downpours come you no longer have to worry about drenched handbags and totes!  Introducing the Gussy – the purse-fect fashion accessory and seasonal must-have! The Gussy is a protective, waterproof patterned “umbrella” designed to be worn as a protective cover over a favorite handbag.


According to Jamie Hantman who designed this clever how did we ever live without it accessory, “Nothing can ruin a fashion look (or designer handbag) faster than getting caught in an unexpected downpour. Women pay a lot for their purses and want (need) to protect their investments.”

The Gussy takes “rain gear” to another level – not only providing a protective cover that is functional, but one that is fashionable, pretty and in patterns and colors as trendy as the handbag it’s covering.  Designer Hantman, a former Washingtonian and White House power player designed the Gussy to complement the wardrobes of well-heeled, fashion-savvy women whose multi-faceted lifestyles have them on-the-go and braving the elements day and night. The best-selling Caroline is the basic LBD for your purse; the Charlotte pays tribute to the classic trench coat, and the Jenny and Meredith feature trending chevron stripes and polka dots. There is even a style for edgier fashionistas, the Chelsea featuring a skull, crossbones and king crown.


The Gussy received a Best New Product Award at NY Now in February and there are already imitators of the design made from inferior materials and without the structural design and printed patterns that make this item a “must-have” fashion accessory. Continues Hantman, “We will continue to introduce new colors and designs each season to coordinate with runway trends and allow women to make bold statements with their handbags-even when they are undercover.”

The Gussy is sized a generous 36″ X 16″ and has three Velcro tabs that adjust to different purse sizes, styles and handles. When not in use, it folds up and can be easily stored inside your handbag – rain or shine so you are always prepared.

Giving Back!  The Gussy, LLC donates 10% of company profits to Hire Heroes USA, a non-profit dedicated to assisting our nation’s veterans in finding private sector employment when they have completed their service to our nation.

Breaking Accessory Trend: The Purse Coat, The Gussy

List Price: $20.00

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