Every Day Is Earth Day with Charity and the JAMband


Every Day Is Earth Day with Charity and the JAMband

Groove on down to “Earth” with Charity and the JAMband

There are many albums that take me back to Appalachia and recently I had an experience that took me back to my love of nature.  I grew up where there was more earth than people, more forest than houses, and more animals than cars.  We recently moved into our first home with a beautiful and huge backyard – considering we live in central Austin, Texas – and the other night as we sat outside as the sun went down my oldest daughter ran through the grass in her bare feet running through fireflies.  At one point, she came up to me and said, “Mom, the fireflies are so beautiful, it makes me want to cry.”  I smiled and looked at her and saw she was absolutely touched, choking up a little at a sight that I took for granted so many spring and summer nights in my childhood.  I hugged her tightly and told her, it was in fact, so lovely and beautiful.  It took my breath away for a second that her reaction was so visceral; she had never experience it before.  *SHOCK*  It made me….happy…and made me realize that I take so many things for granted in nature that I never want to become immune to and if her happiness at seeing fireflies could bring me back to sitting alone in a forest gathering my thoughts as an eight year old in this wonderful place we call home, that was it.  Then I got the opportunity to listen to “Earth” by Charity and the JAMband and I couldn’t get the vision of Brooke chasing fireflies out of my mind.  The connection I had to the songs, that we have to the songs, was not lost to me in that moment and I became a fan.

I hung out with a group of kids in high school that got made fun of for being ‘Treehuggers’.  The term never bothered me and at that point in my life, I wore my differences as a badge of honor.  What’s wrong with caring about our Earth?  It makes no sense to me that people don’t want to protect our home, the same way we try and protect our houses or our children.  I’ve heard people talk about living and being disposable as if it was something to be proud of, something to laugh about, and I’m perplexed.  I’m not perfect, I certainly can do more to leave less of a carbon footprint, but I am also aware and try to do my part to make our Earth more beautiful.  When you listen to “Earth”, it’s everything you would imagine it would be, as if the Lorax was writing the album and he was speaking for the trees through a lovely voice and a backing jam band.  Maybe if you could go back in time and sit with me in the forest or watch my child tear up from the beauty of fireflies, it would make you stop and get it, too.  I don’t live my life to look or be a certain stereotype or to please anyone else into thinking I’m something that I’m not, I just am.  If you listen to the words and think it’s hokey, I can’t make you feel differently; however, they speak to me and I love the message.  My absolute favorite song on the “Earth” album, which I now like listening to while outside, is called “Sing a Summer Song” and this is my favorite lyrics of the bridge:

summer is a-comin’
and it’s right around the corner
you can see it getting brighter
you can feel it getting warmer
you can smell it in the growing things
you can hear it when the animals speak
taste it in the hanging fruit
run through it in your bare feet
your bare feet
your bare bare feet

I used to be embarrassed that my mom would walk around barefoot, play acoustic guitar about John Denver songs, and that I came from an area that many people in the country considered uneducated, but I don’t feel that way now.  I’m a proud Appalachian and it saddens me that factories and chemicals are destroying the things that I love.  I’m not sure how we can fix it and songs certainly have their place in our hearts and minds, but we can also do more, be more, and try more.  This is not an “Earth Day” album, it’s an everyday album to remind us that we are all part of the Earth and we can all do our small little part to make it better every day.  I want my grandchildren to run around in their bare feet and marvel at fireflies.  I want to give them the same opportunities that I had, and it didn’t come from much of what I do in my life today.  It came from being unplugged and tuned into nature.  I strive to do more and more of that with my family and “Earth” is a beautiful reminder that even in the middle of Appalachia, we are never alone.  We can all share in the fresh beauty of the planet, and it doesn’t hurt to be united through song, dance, and, yes, with love.  I ate the hippy-dippy fruit (a throwback to my college days living with people who played in drum circles and healed with Reiki) and I still like the taste.  Keep it coming!

Charity and the JAMband are:

Charity Kahn – vocals, acoustic guitars, keyboards, ukulele, synths, flute, percussion
Daryn Roven – electric and acoustic guitars, mandolin, mountain dulcimer, synths, percussion
Paul Lamb – bass
David Rokeach – drums, percussion

Track Listing
1. Keep a Green Tree in Your Heart
2. Share Your Love
3. Earth Day
4. We Speak for the Earth
5. I Am the Earth
6. Shine
7. Sing a Summer Song
8. We Love Everyone
9. Pebble Meditation Song
10. Little One

For lyrics, chords and activities, visit jamjamjam.com/earth.html

About Charity Kahn:  Charity Kahn has a degree in math from Stanford, has co-authored a book on math and music, and has worked as a software engineer in the technology industry. Motherhood opened the door to a new life of musical devotion and creation and allowed Kahn to live her real passion. Since 2002, Charity and the JAMband have been bringing the rock ‘n’ roll experience to families, touching the hearts and inspiring the dancing feet of this generation’s breed of family music lovers. Charity and the JAMband recordings include Family Values (2012), Party Like a Twinkle Star (2010, NAPPA Gold Award, Parents’ Choice® Silver Honor Award), Rock Your Socks Off (2006, Parents’ Choice® Gold Award, Children’s Music Web Gold Award, Fids & Kamily Award), and Peanut Butter and JAM (2004, Parents’ Choice® Approved Award). Charity Kahn previously released two solo albums: JAM: Music for Movement with Children (2002) and firstborn (1999). In addition to singing and recording original songs, Kahn leads popular weekly JAMboodas music and movement classes for young children, and she runs sold-out spring and summer JAMcamps for school-aged kids in San Francisco. Visit www.jamjamjam.com for the latest updates.

Charity and the JAMband’s award-winning rock’n’roll for families + JAMboodas

Every Day Is Earth Day with Charity and the JAMband


List Price: $ 10.00

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