Perfect Gift for Teachers! In A Pikle Office Paks!

Office Pak

Perfect Gift for Teachers! In A Pikle Office Paks

Life’s Crazy…..Dill With It!

Somehow it is May.  Almost June.  For us that means our oldest daughter, Brooke, is moving up to first grade.  That’s right, she is no longer a kindergartner.  I knew the day was going to come and now that it has, I am so proud yet so anxious about how fast the school year actually went.  When she began her Charter school at the end of July, the end of May felt so far away.  I know things happened, homework was done, field trips were taken, and lessons were learned; but if I didn’t have those lovely pictures stored on my phone, it might have just become a blur in my already shaky memory bank of life.  One of my best friends told me that when your child begins primary school, life goes faster….I nodded as if I agreed with her, but had no actual knowledge to back up that claim.  Well, now I do and now I know, Ferris Bueller was right, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around for a while, you could miss it.”

As a parent, I’ve had to become more organized.  You have to when you have two children in school (our youngest started preschool last year) and you have to remember events, dates, supplies, donations, etc., etc.  I’ve begun to look at our girls’ teachers as superheroes.  They are the backbone of my child’s day and they keep things rolling.  I appreciate all their help, guidance, and time that they take on each of their kids.  They hold a role that keeps me in awe and I try and do everything I can to make their lives easier.  Since Brooke’s kindergarten teacher will also be her first grade teacher, I wanted to get her a small token of my appreciation of our school year together and let her know we look forward to the next school year – which may go even faster for my poor little brain!

What do teachers like?  Well, our homeroom parents have been so great at letting us know that Brooke’s teacher likes to stay organized so I imagine places like The Container Store or Bed, Bath, and Beyond are at the top of her list of favorite places to hang out when she has any free time!  I was happy to discover that there is a wonderful online store called In A Pikle that is all about organization and they are also currently offering discounts for teachers.  Whoo hooo!  I thought the In A Pikle Office Pak was too cool and perfect as a last day of school item to give to Brooke’s teacher.  She’s someone who is always on the go and this way her essential office supplies can be easily kept in her purse or in her desk drawer.

So what’s In A Pikle Office Pak?  The Office Pak is small enough to fit in your purse, backpack or brief case and carries and organizes all of those little items you need while on the go.  Need to staple papers?  Bingo!  Need some extra tape on hand?  No problem?  What about a hole punch?  SURE!  It’s all included in this mini pak that is tiny to carry and almost as light as a feather.  Sounds perfect for a busy teacher, right?  I thought so!  The “Office Pak” keeps the teacher prepared and the awesome discount price that is currently happening on the website makes this an economical gift as well.

**Keep all “In A Pikle” items/contents out of reach of children.**

Office Pak1

• • • The “Office Pak” Contains: • • •

  • 1 Mini Stapler
  • 10 Staple Refill Bar
  • 1 Mini Tape Dispenser
  • 1 Mini Hole Punch

In A Pikle’s Office Pak is the PERFECT gift for Brooke’s teacher and now I’m eyeing one for myself.  I know a little organization goes a long way and this year I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants.  As much as I loved the whirlwind of learning how to be a mother to a primary school child, I have learned a thing or two about the power of staying up-to-date and, yes, even organized!  WHEW!  Here’s to the 2016-2017 school year and to all the parents and teachers out there that make the world go ’round.

About In A Pikle:  In A Pikle was created by two moms who had been neighbors and one moved far away from the other.  After a surprise visit with a homemade gift “emergency kit”, the moms had a wonderful vision to start selling these amazing little organizers to other busy moms.  These organizers are perfect for moms, Container-store addicts, and, of course, teachers!  Life is Crazy….so Dill with it!  Love!

Perfect Gift for Teachers! In A Pikle Office Paks

List Price: $ 9.99 (Currently on sale for $5.00)

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