I Like…..Hardcover Journal

I Like

I Like…..Hardcover Journal

Be inspired every day.

I Like2

Brooke and I have been working on a THREE YEAR journal together and we are currently a year and another 1/3 of the way through.  Last night I asked her if she liked her name and if she could pick any other name in the world, what would she call herself?  She quickly answered, “Yes!  I love my name, Brooke!” and then followed it up by saying she really liked the name, Emma.  Emma happens to be one of her favorite children’s authors, but it is also a somewhat common name, but it still surprised me that if she could pick ANY OTHER NAME in the world, she would be called ‘Emma’.  By doing this journal together (which we do right after dinner, so it’s easy to remember and maintain), we have gotten closer and I’ve gotten some real interesting answers to questions from Brooke that I would never have expected.  As she is getting older, I realize that soon she will want to write her journal without any prompting from me, which is what made me so excited to find the journal called I Like….by Compendium, Inc.

Written by M.H. Clark and Illustrated by Sarah Walsh, this children’s prompt-writing journal is so much fun that the author could barely fit it between two covers!  This journal inspires kids of all ages to tell all about themselves and the things they like in this whimsically illustrated activity book. The book features creative activities, intriguing questions, writing prompts, and wild artwork!  It is perfect to take-along for road trips, waiting rooms, and anytime fun. This hardcover book becomes a keepsake snapshot of your child’s incredible one-of-a-kind personality.  Truly awesome and inspiring! =

  • Hardcover
  • 10.75″H x 9″W
  • 48 pages

I Like3

About Compendium, Inc.:  At Compendium, a Seattle based company, they celebrate the world we love and live in through hope, passion, and creativity. Their gifts celebrate what it truly means to live inspired.

I Like…..Hardcover Journal


List Price: $16.95

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