Create a Children’s Birthday Party to (Tie) Dye For through (Q&A with Daniel Orseno, E-Commerce Manager)

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Create a Children’s Birthday Party to (Tie) Dye For through

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We have had fun birthday parties since Brooke turned one.  There was the Texas party, the Spain party, the French party, and the Mexican party (themes that all centered around the six flags under Texas.)  Now that she’s in elementary school, her birthday invites have doubled!  We learned very quickly last year that we could no longer have her parties at our house.  The messes became unbelievable, the set-up took hours, and clean up was insane.  Her first off-site birthday party was at the Austin Rescue Zoo last year and it was a blast!  OK, it was more than a blast, we were able to set up our supplies on their fully stocked party room full of tables and chairs and quickly got things set up and broken down in the allotted amount time…and we got to drive home to a CLEAN house!  AMAZING!  We decided to repeat the off-site birthday party this year with a whole new fun theme that Brooke came up with all on her own.  Brooke’s birthday party will be at The Austin Art Garage where she will have a Tie Dye Party in which all her friends will be tie dying shirts. Keep it Weird, Austin, Keep it Weird!

Then I started to think about what party supplies we would need.  Where do we go?  What do we look for?  There are 18 kids in her class and in a two hour span of the party, you literally only have a half hour to set up and break down the room.  Luckily, this year has been super easy.  Why?  Well, it’s all thanks to a new-to-me website called Not only is this a family-owned and operated store who are really friendly (no question is to dumb to ask – and I know that for a fact), it’s also a family-owned and operated store that tries to supply most of their items made right here in the good ol’ U.S. of A!  How is that for cool?  They also have the perfect amount of tie-dye supplies that will perfect our party’s decor.  On top of all the tie-dying going on, there will be fun decorations and of course tie dye cupcakes and a cake.  It’s going to be colorful, it’s going to be fun, and each kid gets to take home their own tie-dyed shirts and some cool party SWAG.  Yes, my readers, I think this will be Brooke’s best party yet!


My Items for Brooke’s Tie Dye Party!

  • Tie-Dyed Tablecover Product Code: 57934 (x2)
  • 60’s Bus Centerpiece Product Code: 57326 (x2)
  • Tie-Dyed Hi-Hats (sold 25 per box) Product Code: 66613-25
  • Plastic Hippie Vest Product Code: 66163 (x18)
  • Tie-Dyed Party Horns (4/pkg) Product Code: 66611-4PK (x5)

Tie Dye4 Tie Dye5

Birthday Party Q&A with Daniel Orseno, E-Commerce Manager at

1.  Most deals that I find on party supplies are products that are not made in the USA.  I read that on that you go out of your way to get products made in America.  Is it hard supplying USA made items while still keeping prices low?  It can certainly be challenging at times, but we take pride in making sure manufacturing jobs stay here in the states. There are certain items that we do go overseas for, but it all comes back to our family values. If we can keep jobs in our local communities, then that’s what we will do.

2. is a family owned business.  How is it working with your family? Everyone always says working with family can be incredibly difficult, but we don’t see it that way here. Don’t get me wrong, it has its difficulties like anything else, but at the end of the day, family tops everything. It is great working with the people you call family, it creates a bond that lifts the business even higher. Everyone is working to improve the business and make it the best it can be, and we all are able to take pride in what we accomplish.

3.  I personally love putting together parties for my kids.  What makes selling party supplies so much fun for you?  What makes selling party supplies so much fun for me is the joy the customer feels when the party they have worked so hard for comes together perfectly. We know how important getting the decorations right is for each and every customer, and we strive to make sure they are beyond satisfied with the items they get from us. Parties are the places where memories are made for a lifetime, and knowing we can help provide such good memories and experiences is what we are really all about.

4.  How do you come up with your party theme ideas? We come up with our party theme ideas in a couple of ways. First and foremost is feedback from people like you, our customers. We try to cover as many themes as possible, but we know that there are so many great ideas that we haven’t gotten to yet, so we rely on feedback to make sure we have the perfect supplies for everyone. Second, we pay attention to what seems to be popular. For instance, look at the movie Frozen that came out a couple years ago. People loved the movie, and it led to so many kids wanting to be like Elsa and Anna. This led us to expanding the winter theme into a “frozen” type theme, with even more snowflakes, backdrops, and everything else. And obviously, the creativity of our awesome development team here at PartyCheap leads to some pretty great themes.

5.  It seems that in the USA the bigger the party the better!  In what ways can families save while still making a memorable birthday for their child?  This certainly does seem true, especially in Texas, I’m sure! There are always ways to save while making the party memorable. One way is to take advantage of promotions and discounts offered by the sellers of the items party planners are looking for. For instance, here at PartyCheap, if you sign up for our emails, you can receive discounts that make planning that much easier. Another way is to get creative with where you host a party. People might want to go big and rent out an entire location for the party, but often it might be easier – and more fun – to host the party at home, or in a public place. With so many blogs out there to help guide you and so many decorations to choose from, families can have that “all out” party feel without really having to go all out to get it.

Create a Children’s Birthday Party to (Tie) Dye For through

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