Boppy’s New Bloom Skincare Collection


Boppy’s New Bloom Skincare Collection

It’s time to protect your skin this winter with Boppy’s nourishing skincare collection for moms.  Boppy Bloom Skincare Collection is hypoallergenic, paraben-free and phthalate-free, and great for pampering moms before, during or after pregnancy!

If you have had a child in the last ten years to twenty years, than I have to assume you know what a BOPPY pillow is, right?  Boppy has been a company for over 26 years, and a Boppy Pillow was something that so many moms told me to get as a first-time mom.  “This pillow is amazing!” they said.  AND – They were right.  Boppy pillows are great for breastfeeding, tummy-time, and propping your baby up when they start to sit upright.  It’s pretty much used every single day for the first months of the baby’s life – and then some.  In fact, we still use our Boppy pillow – and nope, not for our kids – because it is too darn cozy to give up and it’s a great reading headrest.  Come on, you’ve done this, too, right?  Ha ha.

Boppy PillowThe FAMOUS Boppy Pilllow!

Well, now Boppy has gotten into the skincare business and it’s all about moms.  Boppy’s New Bloom Skincare Collection have products that are carefully crafted in the USA from the raw ingredients moms love most:

  • Coconut Oil- Gentle and soothing natural oil helps nourish, refresh and protect skin.
  • Shea Butter- Creamy and luxurious for deep moisture to pamper skin and restore that beautiful mama glow.
  • Cocoa Butter-  Rich hydration for intense moisture and itchy-belly relief.
  • Vitamin E- Power anti-oxidant that protects, rejuvenates and restores skin to its pre-baby complexion.

There are four new products that help moms-to-be and nursing mamas with their pre- and post-natal skincare needs all save their skin — buy one or all four!

Boppy Butter

Try the Whipped Belly Butter to prevent stretch marks before they happen. (List Price: $15.00)

Boppy Breast

The Soothing Breast Balm is to help provide relief from sore or cracked nipples after nursing. (List Price: $12.00)

Boppy Oil

Rejuvenate skin with the non-greasy Renewing Body Oil with a lovely White Citrus Shea scent. (List Price: $10.00)

Boppy Stretch

The Stretch Mark Cream is a moisture-rich blend of coconut oil, Shea butter and vitamin E. (List Price: $13.00)

Plus, all of these products are under $15!  At that price, it’s the least you can do for the hard-working momma in your life.  Help her pamper herself with Boppy Bloom Skincare.  If you’ve forgotten how to take care of yourself, Boppy wants to change that — now is the time!

Boppy’s New Bloom Skincare Collection

List Price: $ Varies between 10-15 dollars.



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