Sneakz Organic Chocolate Milkshake – A Full Serving of Vegetables in Every Box!


Sneakz Organic Chocolate Milkshake

A Full Serving of Vegetables in Every Box!

Yes, Brie, our very determined little toddler, is the picky eater in our household.  As foodies, Bob, Brooke, and I love to try different foods, so having a picky eater in our household has continued to baffle us as we keep attempting to try new and different foods every day.  We never know when Brie’s going to wolf down her dinner or say, “No, I don’t like that!”  At two, it’s not always easy to reason with her that eating healthy foods is good for you and we are doing our best to make tasty whole foods for her.  With her older sister, Brooke, eating foods were never a problem!  This wouldn’t be such an issue if Brie wasn’t so darn little.  The girl has been off the charts since practically birth and when she’s in daycare for much of the week we just have to trust her caretakers when they say she is eating well or when she was being picky that day.  It can be maddening for a parent!  Luckily, we are able to supplement meals when it is needed and there are a lot of great varieties of protein shakes out there.  When she won’t eat dinner or our homemade smoothies or shakes, we know we can turn to Sneakz Organic Chocolate Milkshakes to just guarantee she gets a full serving a veggies for one of her meals and our little girl is slowly gaining the weight that is needed through much work and patience on our part.  While we are hoping her picky eating habits will eventually go away the older she gets and we can talk to her more in depth about healthful eating, it is nice to know we have our alternatives!  So, I’m going to share one with you today.

Sneakz is Yummy, nutritious and convenient

  • Delicious taste made for kids
  • More fiber and less sugar than other flavored milk drinks
  • Shelf stable package means no refrigeration required

Their drinks are free from the bad stuff

  • no GMOs
  • no Antibiotics
  • no Synthetic Hormones

Sneakz are Organic Milkshakes that come in flavors of chocolate, strawberry or vanilla and each box is filled with a 1/2 serving of veggies.  The milkshakes only contain simple, clean ingredients and nothing artificial, EVER.  It’s one of the few supplemental drinks Brie will drink and her favorite flavor is chocolate (which is made with organic Dutch cocoa.)  While I certainly don’t think it’s an ideal situation to have to supplement meals, I also realize it is important for Brie to get the nutrients she needs and she is so stubborn that she would just not eat if we try to get her to eat a meal she doesn’t like.  Yes, we have tried everything!  So, I sympathize with parents who deal with picky eaters who are on a failure to thrive track, but with supplements like Sneakz, Brie is gaining weight and staying just ahead of the curve.  Parenting is hard and food is a basic need, so look for supplemental alternatives like Sneakz if you are in the same situation.  It will get better, parents!  Brie is finally out of her hating pasta stage and has developed a taste for certain vegetables and fruits as we continue to supplement when needed.  Thanks, Sneakz, for being a great product our picky toddler can enjoy.  Yay!

Ingredient List: Organic Skim Milk, Filtered Water, Sneakz® Organic Veggie Puree Blend (Filtered Water, Organic Dried [Carrot, Cauliflower, Sweet Potato, Beet, Spinach]), Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Dutch Cocoa, Natural Flavors, Gellan Gum, Sea Salt

Austinites!  Sneakz Organic is available at your local Sprouts, Babies R Us, SuperTargets, and NOW H-E-B!

Sneakz Organic Chocolate Milkshake – A Full Serving of Vegetables in Every Box!

List Price: $ 27.84 (12-Pack)

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