PRYSMA Projection Clock with Weather Forecast


PRYSMA Projection Clock with Weather Forecast

Start your day with color! This stunning projection clock displays the time and temperature in a glowing overhead projection, and the day’s weather forecast for your convenience.

I am shocked – SHOCKED – that I never knew how awesome projection clocks were until recently.  I’m not a morning person.  Bob’s not a morning person.  Our girls are NOT morning people.  So, let’s just say we all get up a little cranky in the mornings, squinting our eyes to see the time.  Our mornings are usually me getting up first to make coffee, Bob and I get ready, one of us makes breakfast for the kids, each of us helps one kid each get ready for school, and OFF WE GO!  It’s usually hectic, and the most painful part is always waking up.  Well, I have SEEN THE LIGHT, and it comes in a projected multi-functional clock that is pretty amazing.


The PRYSMA Projection Clock with Weather Forecast has a cool design and vibrant color that projects a unique light onto your wall or ceiling that tells you the time and alarm info.  The time is radio controlled, so it automatically re-sets itself when it’s the dreaded fall back or spring forward time changes.  That means you NEVER EVER have to re-set the time again.  Ummm…YES!!!!!!!  On top of that, the BAR223P PRYSMA Projection Clock measures both indoor and outdoor temperature and includes a remote sensor to place outdoors, so you will always know how cold or warm it is without even leaving your bed.  This is an almost magical feature to me since I rarely think to look at the weather until right before I leave the door.  This clock is so smart that also includes a 12-24 hr weather forecast so you can plan out the next day and the weather forecast clearly displayed by easy-to-read icons.  If that doesn’t make this the most perfect alarm clock for parents, the dual alarm function so that you can set two alarms on a single clock (one for you and your partner) will have you almost giddy.  The PRYSMA Projection Clock with Weather Forecast also has a crescendo alarm with an 8-minute snooze function and ‘snooze touch’ technology so you can decide whether it’s time to get up or sleep in a little longer.  I absolutely adore this clock!

Need different functions? Discover the Projection clock PRYSMA G which includes a FM/AM digital radio function or our more classic Projection clock PRYSMA R.


Include: 1 remote Thermo sensor RTHN129

  • Dimensions: 125 x 50 x 19.5 mm
  • Weight: 59 g without batteries
  • Operating range: -20 ºC to +60 ºC (-4 ºF to 140 ºF)
  • Temperature resolution: 0.1 ºC (0.2 ºF)
  • No. of channel selectable: 5
  • RF Transmission range: 50 m

Compatible additional sensor: BTHGN129, RTHN129, THN129

PRYSMA Projection Clock with Weather Forecast

List Price: $89.99 (On Sale at

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