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Discover Our America Subscription Box

Experience and celebrate an extraordinary U.S. state every month

After Ohio came up missing last year, Brooke really wanted a new puzzle map of the United States.  Geography was one of those subjects in school that I loved, so my oldest daughter and I have been discussing maps since she was a toddler and she’s very interested in the world.  When I showed her how far it was from where we live in Austin, Texas to her grandparents in Ohio, it started us on a journey for her to learn about our 50 states.  For Brooke’s fifth birthday, we had a celebration at her preschool that was all things ‘United States’.  We did different country themes for each year of her life and the United States was the last country we decided to do.  Last Easter morning, Brooke and Brie quickly found their baskets and Brooke was happy to find a brand new United States puzzle map with all the states intact and she was overjoyed.  When I heard about a brand new subscription box called Discover Our America that celebrates a new U.S. state each month, I knew it was a perfect way to continue our U.S. studies at home in a really fun way.

Discover Our America is a monthly box subscription that empowers people to experience and celebrate each U.S. state’s uniqueness.  I actually remember the exact moment when I wanted to learn more about states.  I was probably around Brooke’s age when my family stopped at a Sohio gas station in SE Ohio on our way to my grandparent’s house and I asked if Sohio was named after our state.  My curiosity led to the discussion of what the word Ohio meant (Ohio is an Iroquois word meaning “great river”) and that’s when I became interested to know what other things were unique to my home state.  We have our own flag, our own seal, and even our own state bird!  Once I started to learn more about Ohio, it naturally became a desire to learn about all of the U.S. states.  We lived so close to West Virginia and I started paying attention to signs on the road and was excited to learn that each state had their own motto and ‘Montani semper liberi’ made more sense when you translate it to English.  Mountaineers Are Always Free” made me ask more questions and I learned that West Virginia was the only state to form by separating from a Confederate state in 1863.  I started giving myself little tests, like identifying all the states by their shape to trying to write all the 50 states names as fast as I could – timed.  I have found that the best way for me to learn is when you find subjects that drive your curiosity and you will continue to seek out ways to understand more.  The most fun that I have as a parent is when my kids and I are exploring together, and I was so ready to get our first Discover Our America box to share with my girls.  My only thought was, “Oh!  I hope it’s this-or-that state!”, but I realized ultimately it didn’t matter to me, we’d bust out Brooke’s new U.S. map puzzle and start learning something new. 

Experience what makes each state unique

Monthly, Discover Our State carefully handpicks products from each state to help your family experience it in a new way.  Each box is designed to bring families together to celebrate the states in our country and learn more about what makes each state unique.  It’s a conversation starter and story sharing that gives families a way to bring the states right to their door.

“Our United States of America is extraordinarily fascinating, ” said Jody Lamb, public relations representative for Discover Our America.  “Each state shines with its own uniqueness.  Discover Our America was founded to empower people to spark conversation and interest in discovering more about each state.  Discover Our America brings families together, promotes education, fosters tourism and supports local businesses.”

What’s inside each Discover Our State box?

  • Food
  • Goodies
  • Photography-filled overviews of the state, highlighting its unique history, geography, culture and places to see.
  • New subscriptions offer gift ideas for travel and history lovers, family activities, food products, and connections to local American businesses.
  • My favorite part is that Discover Our America offers a no-spoiler guarantee, so subscribers will never know which state they will be receiving next.  How exciting!

Our Discover Our America Subscription Box for April – Michigan!

Our first Discover Our America box came in a lovely decorative box and….drum roll please…..  I had to throw out a huge laugh when I opened the box and realized that Michigan was our first Discover Our America state box!  As a former Ohioan, I grew up with the Ohio State vs. Michigan rivalry each year during college football season and it’s still deeply ingrained in my childhood.  The Michigan state box makes total sense, though, since Discover Our America is a Howell, MI company.  Plus, my family and I are now Texans and the only time we are ever discussing the Michigan and Ohio rivalry is purely out of fun.  Besides that, I had lots of opportunities to go to several different cities in Michigan when I grew up and over the course of my life pre-kids, so I was excited to talk to my kids about the state that I actually do know a lot about.  However, now I know a lot more about the great state of Michigan which I will tell you about now.

About Michigan (and, no, there are no wolverines that live in Michigan!)

Michigan aka “The Great Lake State” is the 26th state that was admitted to the Union on January 26, 1837. The capital of Michigan is Lansing and the largest city if, of course, Detroit.  What you may NOT know is that Michigan is the 10th most populous state in our entire 50 states and also the 11th biggest in land size (and THE largest east of the Mississippi River!)  The name Michigan is the French form of the Ojibwa (a Native American language from the Chippewa tribe) word mishigamaa, meaning “large water” or “large lake”.  Why French?  French was a huge trade language in many areas of Canada to as far south as Ohio and the Hudson Bay particularly with the Algonquian languages such as with the Chippewa.  Michigan is surrounded by FIVE (5!) Great Lakes which you can remember by the acronym H.O.M.E.S. (Huron, Ontario, Michigan (which accounts for 1/5 of the world’s FRESH water), Erie, and Superior) and nearly HALF of its population is around Detroit.  Wow.  Michigan is known for its transportation, mostly its auto industry but also its bicycle industry.

Read More About Places to Experience in Michigan!

  • Tahquamenon Falls State Park
  • Comerica Park in Detroit
  • Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore
  • The Henry Ford Museum
  • Mackinac Island
  • Tweet more at #DiscoverOurAmerica


First, here is a list of what was included in our box:

  1. Michigan Overview Booklet and What’s Inside Guide
  2. Detroit Bold Woodward Ave CoffeeThis Detroit-based company was established in 1914 and it’s coffee is known for its smoky-bold flavors and being a favorite among the ‘Motor City’s’ line of auto factory workers.  It’s flavorful and deliciously strong which is just the way I like my coffee.  YUM!
  3. Faygo Rock & Rye (20 oz.). I know Faygo well being from growing up in Ohio where we call ‘soda’ = ‘pop’.  Faygo began in 1907 by two Russian immigrant bakers and is known for making interesting, new, and award-winning flavors.  Rock & Rye has been a popular staple in Detroit and their Rock & Rye flavor has been in a particular Michiganian (Michiganite?) favorite. 
  4. Sanders Sea Salt Caramel BarMichigan’s Sanders Fine Chocolates has been part of the state’s companies since 1875, and their Sea Salt Caramels are a sweet and salty treat.  Sanders’ original caramel is part of this bar and has been around since 1920!
  5. Detroit Popcorn Company Caramel CornThe Detroit Popcorn Company has been making their fan favorite caramel corn since it first began in 1923.  Wow!
  6. Zingerman’s What The Fudge BarWhile Zingerman’s is a relatively new company compared to the rest of this box, the company has made a name for itself in Ann Arbor since beginning in 1982.  Zang! What the Fudge Bar was created in 2009 when Zingerman’s expanded its company to offer additional sweet treats to their product line.  YUMMY. 
  7. Martha’s Fudge Sea Salt TaffyMartha’s Original Mackinac’s sweets have been in the Michigan area since the 1800s!  The Fudge Sea Salt Taffy is a sweet, salty, and airy chewy delectable treat since the 1800s, too.
  8. Cherry Republic Wild Cherry TeaMichigan has a popular cherry niche market (bet you didn’t know that!) and Cherry Republic Cherry Republic has become the largest cornerstone of the cherry market in Michigan since it began in 1989.  Delicious!

All of these lovely treats that were sweetly curated for Discover Our America’s very first state box in their home state of Michigan has been a wonderful way to celebrate Michigan.  I hope you enjoyed learning about the state as much as we loved learning about it’s history, one treat at a time.  This was a HUGE hit in my house and while we will still always be Buckeye fans first and foremost, Michigan has a lot to offer and it was a great way to learn more about the 10th most populous state of our union. Interesting and delicious!

Subscriptions are available in six, nine, and 12 month subscriptions.  Gift options and standalone boxes are also available!

Promo Code!  Discover Our America Subscription Box is offering my readers a promotional code to receive a discount on their subscription box.  Use promo code ‘BACON15‘ to get 15% off your first subscription shipment.  Offer is good until July 31, 2016.

Discover Our America Subscription Box

List Price: $ 39.95/box (free shipping and cancellation at any time)

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