When Spring Comes (Hardcover)


When Spring Comes (Hardcover)

The award-winning, bestselling husband-and-wife team of Kevin Henkes and Laura Dronzek collaborate for the first time since their acclaimed picture book Birds.

Before spring, the trees are dark, the grass is brown and the ground is covered in snow.  But as seasons change, you start to see leaves, flowers and grass as the mounts of snow shrink until they become water for sprouting grass.  In Kevin Henkes latest children’s book When Spring Comes, it celebrates the new baby birds, rain puddles that are made for jumping, and the beautiful colors of the season.  The words are beautiful and repetitive (perfect for new readers like Brooke) and there are many uses of alliteration to introduce the basic concept of language with the changing of the seasons.  Kevin’s wife, Laura Dronzek, provides lush paintings and bright colorful images as the world transforms when spring comes!

You will feel it.

You will smell it.

You will hear it.

When spring has finally SPRUNG!

About Kevin Henkes:  Kevin Henkes was born in 1960 in Racine, Wisconsin, and during his childhood often visited the local art museum—the Charles A. Wustum Museum of Fine Arts. Henkes was greatly inspired by these visits and by reading his favorite books. As a young child, he pored over books and was intrigued by their authors and illustrators but says, “I never imagined that one day I would be one myself.”  Kevin is an award-winning wuthor who has won the Caldecott Medal and Newbery Honors.  His wife, Laura Dronzek, illustrates his books, including When Spring Comes.  Read more about Henkes and his bibliography at http://www.kevinhenkes.com.

When Spring Comes (Hardcover)


List Price: $17.99 (On Sale at Amazon.com for $11.64)

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