Pinkalicious and the Little Butterfly (Paperback)


Pinkalicious and the Little Butterfly (Paperback)

Kids will love to see the magic of metamorphosis with Victoria Kann’s Pinkalicious and the Little Butterfly, an 8×8 illustrated storybook.

Spring has sprung and Pinkalicious and her classmates start off the season when her teacher, Miss Penny, brings in a butterfly habitat.  Pinkalicious is amazed that those funny looking caterpillars will turn into butterflies.  Her classmates are also in shock when they see that the caterpillars make their own chrysalis!  The countdown is on, but one particular chrysalis is a different shade than the others.  Pinkalicious decides to make friends with that one, and when all the other monarch butterflies emerge with their orange and black colors, Pinkalicious is able to release her own pinkamazing butterfly into the sky!  Adorable story that is appropriate for my kindergartner whose class is currently raising their own monarchs for a class project.  This fun book also includes beautiful butterfly stickers in the middle of the storybook.

About the Author:  Victoria Kann is the award-winning illustrator and author of the picture book series featuring the whimsical and effervescent character Pinkalicious. Victoria coauthored and illustrated the first two books, Pinkalicious and Purplicious, and cowrote the play Pinkalicious: The Musical. She wrote and illustrated the New York Times number-one bestsellers Goldilicious, Silverlicious, and Emeraldalicious, as well as Aqualicious. Currently she is working on several more books about the adventures and antics of Pinkalicious. Readers can follow Pinkalicious on Facebook and Twitter.

Pinkalicious and the Little Butterfly (Paperback)

List Price: $4.99 (On Sale at for $3.22)

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