Kids will adore becoming rocket scientists with Aeromax gear!


Kids will adore becoming rocket scientists with Aeromax gear!

Get Real Gear!  Dress Up for Kids!

If you can believe it, I first started talking about Aeromax’s STEM and space gear back in 2012 when we first got Brooke a NASA backpack, which I wrote about here.  Beyond toys, quality authentic dress-up has been a hallmark for Aeromax fans. Their Get Real Gear and My 1st Career Gear has won every toy industry award over the last 19 years! No joke!  Their latest item we have had our eye on is their newest STEM-themed buttoned lab coats and NASA flight jackets designed for children and adults.  Once kids place their arms into these realistic looking lab coats, jackets and shirts, don’t be surprised if they start a penchant for tinkering! The outfits are enticing to both girls and boys. With an emphasis on STEM and STEAM and even STREAM (science, technology, religion, engineering, art, and mathematics) studies, the appealing apparel might be just the encouragement to launch a science career. Rocket scientist anyone? Brooke really wanted her own Rocket Scientist lab coat, which we happily agreed to because we like to encourage her interest in science.  Pocket protectors and slide rule are optional!

Brooke STEM  Brooke at UT of Austin for Girl’s STEM fest

Perhaps I missed my calling as an astronaut or rocket scientist, but darn it all, I get queasy on little kid rides, so I just like to pretend space missions with my daughters.  Over the years, Brooke and I have made a space rocket out of recycled cardboard, have had many pretend missions in space, and have eagerly learned about our solar system.  Aeromax Toys makes it SO EASY for pretend play with their very realistic looking dress up items for kids.  We started out with the Jr. Astronaut Back Pack (it’s practical as a back pack, plus it’s space themed) and then slowly moved up the ranks with all the other awesome space gear from this company (space boots and helmet included!)  It’s really not a surprise to me that she has an interest in how rocket science works.  She recently attended the University of Texas Girl’s Day STEM fest and has been very interested in the inter-workings of electrical currents since the event.  She saw the Aeromax Jr. Rocket Scientist Lab Coat and immediately said, “That’s for me!”  Yay!

ScientistJr. Rocket Scientist Lab Coat (List Price: $27.99)


  • Realistic Features
  • NASA Meatball Embroidered Sewn on Space Patch
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Exceptional quality for hours of fun and play
  • Available in sizes 4/6, 6/8, and 8/10

All Systems Go…..Ready for Lift Off!  Brooke has gone from being a space explorer to wanting to be part of the control process of launching a rocket into space.  If you’re going to be a Rocket Scientist you will need to look the part at the controls.  This lab coat is made of a high quality poly/cotton blend.  There is a NASA meatball patch on the right chest and the words “ROCKET SCIENTIST” embroidered above the pocket on the left chest. You can even personalize your child’s jacket by adding their name on the left chest above the pocket with their custom options. Aeromax can personalize with embroidery or in vinyl heat press.  On top of the new scientist lab coat, Aeromax has some fun options that encourage your little ones to take flight.

Parachute Parachute2Flashing Light Tangle Free Parachute ($5.95)


  • Includes (1) parachute
  • 100% recyclable and reusable
  • Attractive packaging
  • No string to tangle
  • No batteries to replace

For almost two decades Aeromax has been promoting an aim for the stars philosophy. The company logo features a toy parachute. The skyward trend continues in 2016 with two aerodynamic toys – Flashing Light Tangle Free Parachute ($5.95) and for older kids, the Sky Scraper Silver Streak ($9.95). These budget-friendly toys introduce physics, fun and performance that will amaze you.  The Flashing Light Tangle Free Parachute is simple to launch and was the first project for our little rocket scientist.  We look forward to many more opportunities for Brooke to work on her STEM skills.


Space Travel Not Your Child’s Thing?  Check out all of the Get Real Gear from Aeromax here!  They have everything from a Physician to a Cowgirl gear!  Love it.

Kids will adore becoming rocket scientists with Aeromax gear!

List Price:  $27.99 (Jr. Rocket Scientist Lab Coat)

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