KoalaSafe monitors child’s internet activity


KoalaSafe monitors child’s internet activity

Online safety ignorance no longer an excuse for parents

I would have never imagined before having kids that I would be so concerned about internet safety when my children still seem so young.  I was a little taken aback when both of my daughters started using iPads in their preschool classes and my elementary-age daughter has been using laptops and iPads in her classroom since she began kindergarten.  While we thought we were being diligent with our parental-controlled Kindle Fires, the only device we allow our children to play apps on at home, our oldest has used programs on our personal laptops that she uses in her classroom and my husband and I were scrambling to understand if it was important to get a wireless router that had parental controls to put a lock down on all our digital devices now.  The answer was YES – we did need it now.  Heavy sigh.  The digital age is here and while I have been using a home PC since I was in second grade, the rules of the world wide web have changed and we have to be one step smarter than the technology.  While we physically monitor our kids access to technology now, that will start to change as Brooke gets older and because she already knows how to turn practically any device on and try to log in, we realized it was important to put something in place to make sure she only had access to the technology we want her to have.

Internet safety company KoalaSafe is issuing a challenge to parents, stating that the dangers of completely unrestricted Internet access can no longer be ignored. Weekly news stories pour out about how children are being tragically harmed because of unfettered online access — and too often at home. Parent must become more vigilant in keeping their children safe.  Technology moves quickly and kids learn fast. KoalaSafe keeps you informed and on top of the latest issues with internet safety.

KoalaSafe founder, Steven Pack, said: “We used to be shocked when reading headlines of young teens being abducted after using chat apps or for young teens to be radicalized by online hate preachers, but that’s no longer the case. Such tragedies are a regular occurrence now in America and too often after every such event the reporting ends with a familiar by-line of ‘the parents had absolutely no knowledge of the teen’s online activities’.”

is hard. KoalaSafe makes it easy. Time-limits, parental insights, app & site blocking – across all devices in the home.

Ignoring or thinking that your kids are safe with technology without parental controls is no longer an acceptable excuse. For years, parents had no means to restrict time or content online because of the technology, but times have changed. Systems like the KoalaSafe Family Friendly WIFI Access Point now give parents control by letting them restrict the sort of content their children look at and restrict the amount of time they spend, so children don’t become obsessed with a particular site or concept.

Asked if this stance is harsh on parents, Pack responded, “This is the first generation of children dealing with this problem, and the large device manufacturers have not made it easy for parents to introduce limits. I have a lot of sympathy for parents in this situation, which is why KoalaSafe exists. It gives them the tools and power to protect their children online.”

Koala2 You can monitor and set controls for the KoalaSafe right from your Smartphone!

KoalaSafe is a router with a wireless network that can be programmed to shut off. KoalaSafe creates a new WIFI network in the home that’s safe for kids.  Easily connect children’s devices to the network, and schedule when and what they can access the Internet and it only costs $99.  That is a reasonable price to pay for protecting your kids online.

How it Works:

It’s so simple, I was able to hook up KoalaSafe myself.  All you do it unpack, plug in and you have time-limits, parental insights, app & site blocking – across all devices in the home.  While our children are too young to use social media accounts, I know that the arguments will start pouring in from my oldest daughter sooner than later to use apps like SnapChat, YikYak, and many other that haven’t even been invented yet.  KoalaSafe allows parents to block sites, apps, or, if older children, you can monitor hours spent on social media sites and use SafeSearch, Companion Apps, and set time limits on the technology your children engage in on all of the family’s devices.  It’s a simple way to stay informed and on top of technology in your household, which is priceless to our family.

Koala Feature List

  • Time Limits
  • Site and App Blocking
  • Parental Insights
  • YouTube SafeSearch
  • Google SafeSearch
  • Companion Apps
  • Internet Stop Button
  • Per Device Profiles
  • Weekly Usage Report
  • Allow or Disallow any site

Across All Devices in the Home

Koala3  KoalaSafe works with all of your favorite devices.

About KoalaSafe:  KoalaSafe is the creator and distributor of the Koala box. Koala creates a new wireless network in the home that’s safe for kids. It has time limits, app and site blocking, and parental insights (usage analytics) – across all devices in the home.  KoalaSafe has a home office in San Francisco, CA and in Sydney, Australia.

KoalaSafe monitors child’s internet activity


List Price: $99.00


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