Honey, I Love (Hardcover)


Honey, I Love (Hardcover)

Celebrate Poetry Month this April with HarperCollins Children’s Books!

To one young narrator, it’s the simple things that mean the most, like sharing laughter with a friend, taking family rides in the country, and kissing her mama’s arm.

Author and poet, Eloise Greenfield, first published Honey, I Love and Other Love Poems in 1978 and reminded us that love can be found just about anywhere. Now, twenty-five years later, she and celebrated children’s book artist Jan Spivey Gilchrist present a stunning, newly illustrated anniversary edition that invites readers to celebrate the simple joys of loving and living.  This is a wonderful addition to any library and Greenfield’s warm flowing verse will find a welcome new audience in this newly illustrated 25th-anniversary edition. The poem sings the praises of the many things a young child loves; cool freshness of a hose on a hot day, laughing with friends, and taking a ride in the family car.  All of these things are universal pleasures that are relatable to all who read this wonderful lyrical rhyme.

Gilchrist’s watercolor illustrations are beautiful and appealing and depict a lovely African-American child filled with love that will appeal to all children.  She loves the weather, the changes in seasons, to the kisses from her mama.  There is one thing that she doesn’t love and that is going to sleep – there is so much she doesn’t want to miss- but she loves, loves, loves so many other things in her life which is both refreshing and sweet.  There is one change in the text from the original poem; the last line reads “And honey, I love ME, too,” whereas in the original, it is “And honey, I love you, too.”  That is so beautiful!  I highly recommend this book for any family!

About the Author:  Eloise Greenfield ‘s love of writing shines through brilliantly in each of her books, which includes Honey, I Love You and Other Love Poems and How They Got Over: African Americans and the Call of the Sea.  She is the recipient of the Coretta Scott Kind Award , the Foundation for Children’s Literature Hope S. Dean Award, and the National Council for the Social Studies Carter G. Woodson Book Award.  Mrs. Greenfield lives in Washington D.C. and you can follow her on Twitter @ELGreenfield.

Honey, I Love (Hardcover)


List Price: $ 17.99 (Currently on sale for $14.78 at Amazon.com)

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