Cover Art: 20 Hangable Prints for Book Nerds (Paperback)


Cover Art: 20 Hangable Prints for Book Nerds (Paperback)


If you read my blog you know that we are in the process of moving into our new house – which means we are painting all the rooms and hanging up art work (not just using sticky tack or 3M stickers) for the very first time.  We have been really good about hanging artwork in our rentals knowing that they would eventually be coming down and we are definitely partial to getting our deposits back – so actually OWNING our own place gives us and our kids a sense of permanence that we’ve never had before.  It is our Very Own Space we can call home.  When I asked my oldest daughter, Brooke, what type of artwork she wanted on her walls, she named off some of her favorite children’s book characters since we are huge readers in our house and that got me thinking… cool would it be to frame some book covers in frames?  Very cool.  That’s when I stumbled across Liz Emirzian’s website who wrote a book that’s all about hangable prints from classic books just for book nerds like us!  YES!


Cover Art features beautiful, hand-illustrated posters to tear out, frame and hang in your bedroom, living room, dorm room or board room. This book includes pre-sized prints that fit 8″ × 10″ frames and mattes with 5″ × 7″ openings!  Awesome.  The classic prints include:

• Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
• Grimms’ Fairy Tales
• The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
• Anna Karenina
• Leaves Of Grass
• Little Women
• Moby Dick
• The Metamorphosis
• The Odyssey
• Pride & Prejudice
• The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes


Needless to say, Liz’s book is going to be a focal point for much of our artwork in my children’s rooms.  Brooke’s personal favorite is Liz’s design for Little Women and my favorite is Pride and Prejudice.  For just the added cost of some 8″ × 10″ frames (which I purchased at a local dollar store), I get 20 amazing prints for our new home that showcases our love of books.  The pictures are beautiful, the rip out pages work wonderfully so the art work is not damaged, and I feel like we are getting some amazing artwork for literally nothing.  Go Ulysses Press and Liz!  I do hope to see more book cover pictures like this in the future.  I still have wall space to cover!


About Liz Emirzian: Liz is an artist and illustrator living and working out of NYC. She splits her time between doing fine art and more stylized illustrations for publication or commercial use. She grew up in Springfield, Massachusetts, and moved to Toronto in 2002 to continue her education at Ontario College of Art and Design University, where she received a Bachelors Degree in Illustration.  Follow her projects at her website HERE.

Cover Art: 20 Hangable Prints for Book Nerds (Paperback)

List Price: $15.95 (Currently on sale for $ 11.87 through Amazon Prime)

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