Did You Wash Them Sign Hand Hygiene by My Door Sign (5″x7″, Laminated Vinyl)


Did You Wash Them Sign Hand Hygiene by My Door Sign (5″x7″, Laminated Vinyl)

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My story all started when Brooke was attending preschool and the potty in her classroom overflowed.  It freaked her out and made her afraid of public restrooms overflowing.  We kept on taking her to public restrooms while we were out and about and if anything seemed a little ‘off’ to her in the bathroom stall (the previous person didn’t flush, the toilet was running, etc.) she would refuse to use it.  Luckily, by the time she started kindergarten, her classroom restroom made her feel comfortable and all of that public restroom fear was pushed to the back of our minds.  UNTIL – right before the holiday break her kindergarten potty started to overflow.  Over the holiday break, she didn’t mention it to Bob or I but on her first day back to school after the break, she promptly told me, “I don’t want to go to school because the toilet will overflow.”  “Wait, what?!” I said with my car keys in my hand, “The toilet won’t overflow!”  Fast forward a few weeks after a whole ordeal of her public potty fear re-emerging and happily subsiding, I made a deal with her teacher that I would help fix up their classroom bathroom to make it fun, friendly, and up-to-date for kids who may have a fear of using a public restroom.  I learned my daughter was not the only child in her class with this fear and Bob and I recently learned through purchasing our first house that fixing up the restroom so it’s functional and child-friendly made a world of difference to Brooke.

So then I started to think – in what ways would you want to spruce up a bathroom for children ages 5-7 and a few things came to mind.  As I wrote out my list of items to get, I thought an important thing to include was a reminder to wash your hands (and another to flush the toilet – but that’s another sign in the making…)  Classrooms are germy, especially elementary schools and a friendly reminder of a: did you wash them? hand washing sign can stop the spread of germs. The nice thing about bold graphics and gentle reminder signs is not only do they look good, they work!  In my research for the perfect sign, I came across www.mydoorsign.com and I was immediately impressed with all their sign options and their great pricing!  Not only that, they offer FREE PDFs of their signs that you can download and print out yourself!  I kid you not.  For this particular sign, you can download their art and print it yourself on an ink jet or laser print HERE!  How cool is that?!?!  So whether you are trying to keep your home, school or your workplace healthy and clean, be sure to check out My Door Sign’s website for all their fantastic options.

Why Use Graphic Signs?

  • A graphic gets your point across.
  • Your message is important.
  • Signs get noticed and make an impact.

I’ll probably be keeping you updated on all the things we end up doing to spruce up my daughter’s classroom restroom, but I have to tell you that the fabulous signs available at My Door Sign kicked off the process for me.  I’m excited to help our teacher get the restroom child-friendly and hope any parents who are reading this may think to do the same for their school!  Public restrooms for kids can be a scary place, so it’s the least I could do to make it friendlier and germ-free as possible.  Yay for signs!

Did You Wash Them Sign Hand Hygiene by My Door Sign (5″x7″, Laminated Vinyl)


List Price: $ 21.79

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