Alpha Cards: Alphabet Flash Cards


Alpha Cards: Alphabet Flash Cards

Products that make recognizing, learning and remembering everything from ABC’s to 1,2,3’s fun and easy!

My youngest is learning and starting to recognize her ABCs.  Brie goes to a fantastic preschool and Bob and I also like to engage her learning at home through many fun activities, and I have to tell you that Alpha Cards by He’s All Boy caught our attention and has both our daughters laughing when we review them.  Since I only have daughters, I can’t speak about being a mother to a boy, but my girls definitely get a kick out of Potty Humor!  You can use it to your advantage to get kids interested in learning their ABCs and the hilarious illustrations and funny words on these ABC flashcards are a great way to get your child to love learning.

T Toilet

The Alpha Cards are geared towards children ages three to five to help them recognize, learn and remember the ABCs in a fun way.  The cards have both upper and lower case letters, which is extremely important to illustrate the difference to children.  Sure, some parents may say this is gross potty humor, but having a two year old and a five year old, you can trust me when I say it is also QUITE effective at the girls wanting to go over the cards again and again.  Maybe me being a fan of The Garbage Pail Kids and having an older brother when I was growing up made me immune to these silly and slightly gross cards, but I certainly don’t find them offensive, just FUNNY.  Having a kindergartner has also taught me that you can grow up without any boys in the house (but daddy) and you still find things like a dog licking from a toilet bowl (as illustrated on the T card) or pig poop (as illustrated on the P card) as the funniest things in the world.

About the Alpha ABC Flashcards:

  • Makes you and your child laugh out loud with 26 abc flash cards (4.25″x6″)
  • Helps your child learn the alphabet with silly words and hilarious illustrations
  • Teaches the alphabet with just the right amount of gross mixed with a ton of funny!
  • Stores easily with our sturdy abc flash card box
  • Perfect for busy hands the large alphabet flash cards are printed on an extra-thick card stock
  • Easy to keep clean with our glossy coating on both sides
  • Simple letter and sound recognition featuring both upper and lowercase letters
  • Made in the USA!!

Teaching your child the alphabet can be a challenge, but with Alpha Cards your child will love learning and laughing.  These cards definitely get a hand-stamped approval from two little girls who live in my house.  Yay!

P Pig Poop

About He’s All Boy:  At He’s All Boy, created by mom Susan Levy, their goal is to engage boys in the learning process through laughter and play.  By tapping into a boys unique and often gross sense of humor we are capturing their attention and providing tools to help them focus on learning while having silly fun! Their products jump outside of the box and land in the imaginative and often stinky world of little boys (and girls!!!).

Alpha Cards: Alphabet Flash Cards

List Price: $ 14.95

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