Water Balloons Game by SimplyFun (Products for Families)


Water Balloons Game by SimplyFun (Products for Families)

Building smarter kids and stronger families with our award-winning learning games.

2-6 players ⋅ 10 min ⋅ Geared for ages 7 & up

Box Contains:

  • 38 Battle Tiles (6 of each color)
  • 1 Rules Booklet
Can you have a water balloon fight without getting wet?  Sure you can in this new game by Simply Fun called “Water Balloons”!  Like one of my all-time favorite family games Touring, you aren’t actually throwing water on your opponents, you are battling each other through game tiles or cards.  You have battle tiles that each player picks that could soak your opponent by throwing a bucket of water or balloon card – but wait! – you can also get cards like an umbrella that will protect you from getting wet.  The last player that is ‘left dry’ wins the game.  Simple, right?  It’s also a fast game that is a lot of fun.
While the point of the game is to have the ultimate ‘dry’ card Water Fight, you and your child have fun picking your battle tiles to attack, defend or refill your water supply and you try to outwit you opponent to stay dry and win the round.  You can soak your opponent as they try and refill by picking the right card. You can throw a balloon or bucket of water at the same time as another player, but you can actually MISS!  Have an umbrella tiles?  Protect yourself and stay dry.  It’s a game so simple my kindergartner had a blast playing and Bob and I were really getting into the water balloon battle.  The game is so quick you can play in a matter of minutes and your child will want to keep playing round after round to see who can stay dry the longest.  It’s a wonderful family game and has been added to our ‘favorite game’ collection in our family game night closet.  We can’t wait to play again!

What They’ll Learn:

  • Memorization
  • Focus
  • Planning

About Simply Fun:  Simply Fun says their mission is one that really matters!  They want to make learning fun and easy for kids while also helping families stay connected.  Now that is something I can champion!  The Bellevue, WA company has a new Simply Fun Blog and offers a monthly newsletter chalk full of fun family play time ideas.  Check out Simply Fun’s entire award-winning series here and they have been the recipient of many awards.  Impressive!

Water Balloons Game by SimplyFun (Products for Families)


List Price: $ 16.00



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