Do It Again! Game by SimplyFun (Products for Families)

Do It

Do It Again! Game by SimplyFun (Products for Families)

Building smarter kids and stronger families with our award-winning learning games.

2-8 players ⋅ 10 min ⋅ Geared towards ages 7 & up

Box Contains:

  • 65 Sequence Cards
  • 1 Do It Again Pawn
  • 1 Rules Booklet

How good is your memory, can you Do It Again?  One of the very first games I played with my family as a child was called Memory where you would turn over cards and try to match pairs in order to win.  Simply Fun’s new game “Do It Again!” ups the ante by having a memory game based on action and performance in a sequence of cards.  There are 65 sequence cards in all, so there are many, many ways to stay in the game or, if you make a mistake, you are out for the round!

The game is led by one “Do It Again Pawn” that stops in front of a player who must learn the sequence and repeat the action from memory that is on the Do It Again sequence cards.  The sequences can contain movements (jump up and down!) or sounds (moo like a cow!) and if you do it correctly you add a new card for the next player to repeat – so the game continues to get harder and harder until someone forgets the sequence order and loses the round.  I’m not sure if it has to do with age or just being a tired parent, but our daughter Brooke was so much better at remembering the sequence cards than I was!  Oops!  I honestly never got very far and would flub up the sequence cards quite often, much to my child’s delight.  Ha!  Apparently, I need to keep playing “Do It Again!” to hone my own memorization skills, but the game is simple and fun and we can’t wait to play it with more people.  It would be a fantastic party game and one that would work for large family gatherings.  It’s lots of fun!

What They’ll Learn:

  • Memorization
  • Gross Motor Skills

About Simply Fun:  Simply Fun says their mission is one that really matters!  They want to make learning fun and easy for kids while also helping families stay connected.  Now that is something I can champion!  The Bellevue, WA company has a new Simply Fun Blog and offers a monthly newsletter chalk full of fun family play time ideas.  Check out Simply Fun’s entire award-winning series here and they have been the recipient of many awards.  Impressive!

Do It Again! Game by SimplyFun (Products for Families)

List Price: $ 15.00


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