Candles By Mine Design (Gifts for Mom)


Candles By Mine Design

We’re a modern candle company, locally hand pouring our 100% clean burning soy candles here in sunny California!

It happens to the most well-intentioned of us.  Sometimes we just run out of time to get a gift for someone special. It doesn’t mean we don’t care enough or anything like that, we just happened to be busy with raising little kids and making sure we wear the same colored socks each day.  However, I have one trick in my big arsenal of gift-giving expertise which has been honed over the years.  You can NEVER go wrong with a soy candle.  It burns cleaner, smells delicious, and I’ve been known to re-use candles that come in super cool containers.  Alas, I found a perfect go-to last minute gift that will ignite both your creativity; literally and figuratively.

Mine Design candles have some of the neatest variety of candles in their product line, but I love their chalkboard candles the most.  Why?  Because the tin candle holder is actually a CHALKBOARD that comes with two pieces of chalk for you to write your very own special message.  Over and over again.  AHHHHH!  The tin is available in classic black and is in a great ‘dinner party’ favor sized tin.  You can choose up to nine of the most new and popular fragrances by Mine Candle and I chose ‘Belgian Berry’.  YUM!  The packaging remains unsealed so you can embellish, re-box and give the perfect personalized gift. How perfect is that?  Another great idea for the perfect gift recipient; how about having your child decorate the holder with a message for their favorite teacher as a wonderful ‘thank you’ gift?  The wax is made with a clean burning blend and put in a reusable ceramic pot or tin.  Each candle comes with chalk and has approximately 40-50 hours of burn time.  So while you may be purchasing this gift as a last minute gift item, the recipient will think you have put a lot of thought and effort to give them a personalized gift.  PERFECTO!

Great for the Environment!  Mine Design is designed to ensure low-environment impact. Candles are blended and poured in an intimate batch- by-batch process and the perfume-grade custom fragrances are never tested on animals.  Recyclable packaging is customized per order so there is no over-printing and no-waste.  Yay!

Chalkboard candle fragrance options: heirloom, kadota leather, lemongrass, belgian berry, persian fig, vanilla fig, parklands, azure sea salt, blood orange + bourbon

Candle2 Chalkboard Candle (7 oz. wax blend)

Mine Design Candles can be found online at and at select boutiques nationwide.

Candles By Mine Design

List Price: $ 24.00

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