Alice in Wonderland Review at the ZACH Theatre (Local Austin, Texas)


Alice in Wonderland Review at the ZACH Theatre (Local Austin, Texas)

ZACH Theatre is proud to produce Alice in Wonderland, a new journey play adaptation by Underbelly in partnership with ZACH’s Theatre for Families March 4-May 14, 2016, transforming ZACH’s vast theatre campus as audiences follow Carroll’s wild characters through rose gardens and croquet games on a search for missing tarts, tea, and justice.

  • WHO: ZACH Theatre Family Series and Underbelly
  • WHAT: Alice in Wonderland
  • WHEN: March 4 – May 14, 2016
  • Public shows select Fridays, at 6:30 p.m., select Saturdays at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. and select Sundays at 11 a.m and 2 p.m.
  • Suitable for ages 5 and older
  • WHERE: A journey play starting in the Whisenhunt Theatre

TICKETS: 512-476-0594 X1 or


About Alice in Wonderland:  Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (pen name Lewis Carroll) was an English writer who published the children’s book Alice in Wonderland in 1865!  Alice is a mid-Victorian era child, who unintentionally goes on an underground adventure after accidentally falling down a rabbit hole into a very curious world of fantasy.  Carroll published a sequel to the book called Through the Looking-Glass in 1871 where Alice has another adventure after she steps through a mirror into the Looking-Glass Land.  The books’ illustrator, John Tenniel, is most famous for his drawings in both of Carroll’s books about Alice.  Interestingly, Lewis Carroll originally illustrated “Wonderland” himself, but since his artistic abilities were limited, Tenniel was brought on board to illustrate “Wonderland” and its sequel.

Alice Liddell is said to be the inspiration behind the children’s classic character of Alice in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland because (true story!) she asked Lewis Carroll to tell her a story on a boating trip in Oxford.  While Carroll later denied that Alice was based on a real person, his connection to the Liddell sisters and to Alice, in particular, has made historians question the validity of his statement.  Between the two Alice books’ texts, Alice is said to be around seven and a half, wildly curious, extremely respectful, and highly educated.  The tale of Alice is considered one of the best examples of the literary nonsense genre, as it plays with logic and became wildly popular with both children and adults.

Alice 2

Camps at the ZACH Theatre!  There was a special reason why we planned to attend The ZACH’s Alice in Wonderland performance on the date we went.  It’s because Brooke attended the Spring Break Camp Act the Story: Adventures in Wonderland and we wanted to wait to see the show after her camp where she spent the week at ZACH having lots of fun learning new theatre games, making friends and exploring the world of Wonderland. Her group played warm-up games in Creative Drama to get their imaginations going, created amazing backdrops in their Design class, practiced pantomime in their Movement class, and worked on focus and ensemble in Story Extension.  It was a full and wonderful week for Brooke and she learned so much about Alice’s story!  The ZACH has youth classes and camps throughout the year including lots of wonderful summer camps coming up in 2016 (check out the schedule HERE.)  The ZACH provides classes and camps that have curriculum connections to literature, theatre, and social emotional learning, so it was a wonderful experience for our family and a great opportunity for all young Austinites.  Check it out!

Camp Brooke’s first day at the ZACH Spring Camp getting into her group!

IMG_8869 IMG_8870  Brooke’s final day at camp – the BIG performance in the Whisenhunt Theatre Stage! Adorable!

Our Experience at the play Alice in Wonderland at the ZACH

I have so much exciting news to tell you about this production of Alice in Wonderland at the ZACH that I almost don’t know where to begin!  First, this was a completely new experience than any of the plays we have seen.  The adaptation of this play is done through something called an ‘immersive theatre experience’.  What does that mean?  Well, it’s where the audience not only watches part of the production from their seats (which is a very short time indeed!), they also become part of the play by breaking out into different groups and going to different interactive stations *gasp* outside!  Yes, you get to leave your seats in the theatre and travel from scene to scene as you search for Alice and help the characters defeat the Red Queen.

IMG_8936  IMG_8938

As a parent to two young children who have seen their share of plays, this has been the most entertaining and in-depth production we have ever experienced!  I was so glad I had read through the ZACH’s website page on Alice before we went which also offers a pdf version of the audience guide HERE (very cool, ZACH Theatre, VERY COOL.)  Since you will be moving around during this hour and a half play, it’s great for kids to get their wiggles out and you don’t even miss not having an intermission.  However, since the interactive stations take place outside, be sure to wear appropriate clothing and SHOES as well as making sure you and your kids are protected from the sun since we are now dealing with Austin’s HOT springtime weather, like today.  Whew!  I really wish I had brought hats for the kids, but – Oops!- I didn’t think of it until we were standing in the sun.  Oh, and while the show is interactive, no audience member is expected to ‘perform’ in any major way, and fun little items take place as you are zipping around the ZACH’s theatres; like having a peppermint so you ‘shrink down’ just like Alice, figuring out riddles with the adorable caterpillar, or making human ‘wickets’ for a game of crochet with a large bouncy ball.  Those are just a few tip of the iceberg events in this interactive play experience.

IMG_8943  IMG_8940

As noted in the audience guide, this version of Alice in Wonderland is an updated adaptation by the Underbelly of the original Victorian age book to reflect a more modern feel with the language of today and music that is a mix of early punk and 1960’s surfer rock – mostly thanks to a very interesting interpretation of the White Rabbit!  While the original characters and heart of the story remains true to Carroll’s books, this show is definitely an interesting take on Alice’s journey down the rabbit hole.  All of the actors were fantastic (we were in the tortoise’s ‘Clubs’ group) and Alice is played by a wonderful child actor who did a sweet singing number in one of the interactive tens that was memorable.  There are actually several musical numbers and the fun trial at the end of the play topped off a neat albeit a little hot afternoon.  I think it is perfectly written in the guide when it states, “May Alice’s adventures be your own today.  May we all stay curiouser and curiouser.” Two rabbits feet up!

IMG_8945  The Red Queen meeting her fans after the show!


Alice (LORI cast) – Lilah Guaragna
Alice (DINAH cast) – Trinity Johnston
Helena/Humpty Dumpty/Mad Hatter – Francesca Douglas
Mark/Paper Queen/March Hare – Nicholas Kier
Edwin/Knave of Hearts/Sheep Dutchess – Chase Brewer
White Rabbit/Caterpillar – Joseph Urick
Red Queen/Cheshire Cat/Bottlebrush – Madison Weinhoffer

UT Ensemble Cast

Lizard/Diamonds Guide (LORI cast) – Austin Dowling
Tweedle Dee/Bottlebrush (LORI cast) – Sam Gorena
Dodo/Clubs Guide (LORI cast) – Samantha Pavich
Mouse/Hearts Guide (LORI cast) – Cassandra Reveles
Tortoise/Spades Guide (LORI cast) – Kinsey Shackelford
Tweedle Dum/Twolips (LORI cast) – Briana Garcia
Tweedle Dum/Twolips (DINAH cast) – Jacob Basquez
Dodo/Clubs Guide (DINAH cast) – Robert Di Donato
Tweedle Dee/Bottlebrush (DINAH cast) – Janie Macklin
Tortoise/Spades Guide (DINAH cast) – Sommer Neugebauer
Lizard/Diamonds Guide (DINAH cast) – Malyssa Quiles
Mouse/Hearts Guide (DINAH cast) – Oktavea Williams

Plan Your Trip!

Here are a few things to note:

  • ZACH Theatre does offer drinks and snacks (including alcoholic beverages).
  • ATMs are not available on site so plan accordingly.
  • There is no specific dress code, but business casual is appreciate.
  • While children’s shows are for kids and their families, they do prohibit infants from attending their Mainstage productions to avoid distractions.
  • ZACH is fully handicap accessible and compliant.
  • The Whisenhunt Theatre Stage (where Alice in Wonderland takes place) is located at 1510 Toomey Road – Austin, TX 78704.

The ZACH campus features three theaters each with differing seating configurations and excellent sight lines, so check your ticket to make sure you know the correct location: 

  • Topfer Theater: a 420-seat proscenium stage in which the seating fans around the stage in an arc, much like movie theater stadium-style seating.
  • Kleberg Theatre: a 230-seat thrust stage, with the audience seated on three sides
  • Whisenhunt Theatre: a 130-seat arena stage, also known as a theater-in-the-round.

Parking at ZACH Theatre:

In addition to nearby street parking on Toomey Road, Sterzing Street, Lee Barton Drive, Riverside Drive, and Jessie and Butler Streets (see map here), parking for ZACH patrons attending a performance is also available at ZACH’s Whisenhunt Theatre, at ZACH’s Topfer Theatre, behind the Parks and Recreation Department at night and on Sundays, and at The Bicycle Shop just south of Barton Springs and Lamar by McDonald’s.

Alice in Wonderland Performance Schedule:

  • Fri 3/4/16 6:30PM
  • Sat 3/5/16 11:00AM
  • Sat 3/5/16 2:00PM
  • Fri 3/25/16 6:30PM
  • Sat 3/26/16 11:00AM
  • Sat 3/26/16 2:00PM
  • Sun 3/27/16 2:00PM
  • Fri 4/1/16 6:30PM
  • Sat 4/2/16 11:00AM
  • Sat 4/2/16 2:00PM
  • Sun 4/3/16 11:00AM
  • Sun 4/3/16 2:00PM
  • Fri 4/8/16 6:30PM
  • Sat 4/9/16 11:00AM
  • Sat 4/9/16 2:00PM
  • Sun 4/10/16 11:00AM
  • Sun 4/10/16 2:00PM
  • Fri 4/15/16 6:30PM
  • Sat 4/16/16 11:00AM
  • Sat 4/16/16 2:00PM
  • Sun 4/17/16 11:00AM
  • Sun 4/17/16 2:00PM
  • Sat 4/23/16 11:00AM
  • Sat 4/23/16 2:00PM
  • Sun 4/24/16 11:00AM
  • Sun 4/24/16 2:00PM
  • Sat 4/30/16 11:00AM – Sold Out!
  • Sat 4/30/16 2:00PM
  • Sun 5/1/16 11:00AM – Sign Interpreted Performance
  • Sun 5/1/16 2:00PM
  • Sat 5/14/16 11:00AM
  • Sun 5/15/16 11:00AM
  • Sun 5/15/16 2:00PM

About the ZACH Theatre:  Located at 1510 Toomey Road – Austin, TX 78704 (Phone (512) 476-0541), the ZACH Theatre is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit arts organization located in Austin,Texas.  

Support the ZACH Theatre!

ZACH Theatre - Sources of Support

ZACH thrives and prospers with support from patrons like you. Be a part of our cast of generous individual donors, family foundations, corporate sponsors and volunteers. It’s easy to donate your time, resources and ideas to make a difference at ZACH. Join us for our fantastic special events, exclusive behind-the-scenes opportunities and opening night celebrations as you support artistic excellence on our stages and valuable arts educational programming in our community.  Learn more about how you can donate HERE.

Alice in Wonderland Review at the ZACH Theatre (Local Austin, Texas)

List Price: $18.00 (Youth) – $23.00 (Adult)

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