Wild Ones: Critters in the City (Paperback)


Wild Ones: Critters in the City (Paperback)

Childrens Nature Book Publisher

We live in Austin, Texas, which is a big city here in the United States.  We have a little yard with a few trees and plants and sometimes I genuinely miss living in an area where there is nothing but woods for miles.  However, a wonderful new book by Dawn Publications gently reminds us that nature is all around us, even in the city.

Wild Ones: Critters in the City follows a little dog named Scooter who spends his day in a large city enjoying all the little critters he meets. He dives into the pond with birds in a park, he finds butterflies at the community garden, and he spots pigeons and squirrels on the busy streets.  Scooter’s big adventure is all about finding nature in a big city and it keeps him busy all day long before he meets back up with his family at the end of the day.  The pages in the back of the book have a lot of educational material to go over with children, such as learning how animals adapt to the city and identifying different types of wildlife you can find.  It is also nice that the author notes at the back of the book that dogs in the city should always be on a leash or inside a fenced yard so they don’t run loose like little Scooter!  This is an adorable read and especially nice for our ‘city kids’.

Parents and Teachers: There are additional resources online, including lesson plans and free downloadable bookmarks. Go to www.dawnpub.com and click on “Activities,” or scan the code on the book.

Help for Classrooms!  Dawn Publications gives away a classroom set of books each month just by entering the Mystery Contest at www.insideoutsidenature.com. They post the contest and activities from the blog on the Dawn Facebook page every Monday.  Don’t forget to like them on Facebook to keep up with their events!

About the Author:  Carol Malnor grew up in a suburb of Chicago where an urban park looked like the vast wilderness to her young eyes. She fondly remembers chasing after the family beagle that scooted down the alley whenever the back gate was left ajar. Now living in northern California with her husband, Bruce, she delights in the critters she sees on her daily walk—squirrels, raccoons, deer, birds of all sizes, and the occasional raccoon in her backyard! As a teacher for over 25 years, Carol regularly incorporated nature studies into her classroom. This is Carol’s seventh book for Dawn.

About the Illustrator:  Cathy Morrison is an award- winning illustrator who lives in Colorado, within view of both the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains. She watches the plants, the animals, and rain—all close up and personal. She began her career in animation and graphic design, but discovered her passion for children’s book illustration while raising her two children. After several years illustrating with traditional media, she now works digitally, which helps the publisher adapt the art into interactive book apps. This is Cathy’s fifth book for Dawn Publications.

Wild Ones: Critters in the City (Paperback)


List Price: $ 8.95


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