MacGill First Aid Kit


MacGill First Aid Kit

They say necessity is the Mother of invention. We say Mother knows best.  When we couldn’t find a suitable First Aid Kit for our family, we built it ourselves.

I consider myself lucky that my husband was a medic in the Army.  He is able to act right away when our children have common injuries in order to treat and prevent infection.  We know the importance of having a first aid kit at home, and if you are a parent who is reading this, I want to ask you one question.  Do you have a basic first aid kit in your house?  Your car? In your diaper bag?  If not, why not?  Kids are prone to accidents and common injuries that can be treated with a basic first aid kit.  You can get certified in CPR and first aid quite easily!  If you don’t know where to go, check out your Local Red Cross first and see how you can get certified.  Then, put together your home first aid kit!  You have to have the tools in order to use them and MacGill makes a wonderful First Aid Kit that is specifically developed by us for home use, particularly homes with children.  We love it!

The MacGill First Aid Kit is a fantastic first aid kit that we use in our home for the treatment on basic first aid treatment of many common injuries.  It is a fully stocked kit and attached to the inside of the lid is an instruction sheet with lots of great information.  Each product in the kit is  highlighted to match the section of the kit in which they are stored.  The kit has easy color coding that is designed to assist you in finding the appropriate materials to treat the patient’s injury.  If you are looking for the perfect first aid kit for your home, this is it!  As parents to two children under six, we have to keep a well stocked and maintained first aid kit and MacGill makes it so easy to know when to reorder specific items as well as giving me reminders on what I may need to use if Bob is not around.  I will tell you I feel so much better having an ex-Army medic who can help with scrapes, bruises, stings, and minor cuts whenever an issue arises with our daughters, but it also feels good to know that I can treat them myself or when it’s time to call 9-1-1!  Knock on wood, while we have had our share of minor injuries we can easily treat – we haven’t had any serious injuries with our girls yet.  I’m crossing my fingers that both girls will turn into adults without any serious injuries and in the case of minor injuries MacGill has us covered with this well-designed kit.

Kit2 MacGill First Aid Kit

What the MacGill First Aid Kit Contains:

  • Section 1:  Eye Wash, Instant Cold Compress, Aerosol wound wash, Non­aerosol spray, Cold Compress Covers.
  • Section 2:  1″ Tape, Sterile Roller Bandages, Gauze Pads, ABD Pad, Triangular Bandage, BurnFree® Burn Dressing, BleedCease® Blood Coagulent, Eye Pad, Elastic Bandage, Coverlet® Fingertip Bandage, Coverlet® Knuckle Bandage, Coverlet® Small Strip Bandage, Coverlet® Medium Strip Bandage, Coverlet® X-Large Bandage, Sterile Cotton-Tipped Applicators.
  • Section 3:  Large Nitrile Gloves, Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel Packets, Tweezers, Alcohol Prep Pads, Scissors, Sickness Bag.
  • Section 4:  Triple Antibiotic Ointment Packets, Glucose Gel Packet, Sting Relief Wipes, Bayer® Aspirin Two Pill Packet, Diphenhydramine (Allergy Relief) Single Pill Packets, Oral Thermometer, Hydrocortisone Anti-Itch Cream, Burn Cream with Aloe Vera, Light Stick.
  • Instructional Booklet  VIEW / DOWNLOAD FULL INSTRUCTIONS

Restock Your Kit!  Run out of all your Coverlet® bandages? Camping trip use up your sting relief wipes? Restock your MacGill first-aid kit here.

DISCLAIMER: The information should be used only as a guide and is not intended to replace proper medical treatment or advice from a licensed physician or medical professional.  Always call 911 for medical emergencies.

About MacGill:  It started in 1904 when it occurred to the wife of Earnest Hicks that the information available to the average person about what to do in an emergency was woefully inadequate. Hicks was a salesman for a map publisher, and when his wife suggested that an instruction chart be created to hang on the walls of homes and workplaces, he recruited three fellow salesmen, including William V. MacGill, to test the idea on the public. It proved to be a success, and the idea to include some first aid supplies along with the chart necessitates the formation of a new company.  Fast forward to today, and MacGill is still creating new first aid kit that contains all of the essential emergency supplies!

MacGill First Aid Kit

List Price: $ 70.00 (FREE Standard Shipping within the CONUS)

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