Sugar Free Allstars at SXSW Family Music Meltdown (pre-order their new album!)

15298 SFAS Album Cover

Sugar Free Allstars at SXSW Family Music Meltdown (pre-order their new album!)

Family Funk Super Duo

Are you ready to rock? Come see the Sugar Free Allstars for FREE during Spare the Rock’s SXSW family friendly music shows around Austin (more details on that below!) This Oklahoma City based duo known for sophisticated family friendly funk that will release a self titled new album this spring. With a deeply groovy sound harkening back to the era spanning from bell bottoms to boom boxes and break dancing, the album debuts in time for KindieComm, the annual independent family music conference, on April 2nd.

Sugar Free Allstars was recorded at Bell Labs in Norman, Oklahoma, where the Flaming Lips also often lay down their tracks. Four years in the making, the album borrows heavily from the funk, rock and R&B sounds of the 1970s and ‘80s. Yep, parents will get the references, but kids will simply shake and shimmy to dance.  The new album induces fun new grooves like  “Monster Truck,” “Mr. DJ,” “Upside Down Town, “Breakdancin’” and “One Verse Song.” All of these tunes are SFA originals, with the exception of the “Can You Picture That?” which Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem recorded for the 1979 Muppet Movie.  NICE!

The core of Sugar Free Allstars is Boom! (aka Chris Wiser) and Dr. Rock (aka Rob Martin). “This album reflects the music we both love,” says Wiser. “It’s our most ambitious album to date. If you like Sugar Free Allstars, you’re gonna dig this.” When the two perform together with their traveling setup of keyboard and drums, the audience behaves like they’re at a rock show. As songwriter and lead vocalist Wiser notes, “Rob and I play as a unit now. It’s all very intuitive. We don’t have to think about what we’re playing or if we’re in sync it’s all about the audience. They’re there to ROCK, to work out all of their pent up energy. It’s our job to deliver.”


Track Listing:

  1. Monster Truck
  2. Grumpopotamus (and The Crankosaurus Rex)
  3. I Can See It Now
  4. Can You Picture That?
  5. Upside Down Town
  6. If I Didn’t Have You
  7. Mr DJ
  8. One Verse Song
  9. Breakdancin’
  10. My Dog Pete
  11. BunnyBot

FREE Unofficial #SXSW family showcase featuring the Sugar Free Allstars !!!!!!


Confirmed Acts:

Yes, by the way, they’ve got two Latin Grammy winners on one bill (Mister G and Lucky Diaz), along with the 2015 Austin Chronicle Musician of the Year (Gina Chavez)!  That’s crazy great.  They’ll also have science activities, trampolines courtesy of sponsors Springfree, and much more!  Come join the FREE fun show during SXSW and bring the entire family.

For more information about Sugar Free Allstars, visit their website and tour calendar!

Sugar Free Allstars at SXSW Family Music Meltdown (pre-order their new album!)

List Price: $ 12.00


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