Lucky Diaz and the Family Band Aqui, Alla CD (All Ages)

Lucky Diaz

Lucky Diaz and the Family Band Aqui, Alla CD (All Ages)

New Lucky Diaz Release Perfect for Cinco de Mayo! 

First, happy Cinco de Mayo and let’s celebrate with a new Lucky Diaz album!

But, wait,——

What is Cinco de Mayo? 

I mean, You probably know Cinco de Mayo means the 5th of May in Spanish and had something to do with Mexico, right?

Don’t worry, you are right, but there is a lot more to the date than that.  If it feels like Cinco de Mayo is more like a United States holiday that is because it sort of has become that way…it is actually celebrated more in our country although it is a day celebrated in parts of Mexico where it is known as the El Día de la Batalla de Puebla (which means ‘The Day of the Battle of Puebla’.)

See, while the United States has basically been ‘the United States’ for a few hundred years, countries like Mexico have had different countries that have occupied their territory, including France, around the late 1800s.  As you can imagine, things get heated when you occupy someone’s else’s territory and on May 5, 1862 there was a battle fought between 8,000 French troops and 4,000 Mexican troops regarding (what else?) money.  Just from the numbers alone (not to mention their equipment), the French should have won.  They didn’t.

The Cinco de Mayo battle wasn’t just about money, of course.  It was about protecting democracy and Mexican Independence.  And – Mexico needed that win and has become something to celebrate not just in Mexico but here in the United States.

Did someone say a new Lucky Diaz album is coming out?

Now that we got that history lesson out of the way, what about this cool new album from Lucky Diaz and the Family Band?  I first have to mention that this new album was recorded close to me in San Antonio, Texas.  This album is called Aqui, Alla which means Here, There and is a great foot stomping, toe tapping album to celebrate this festive holiday!

Yes, Aqui, Alla is an indie-fresh Spanish language soundtrack for your Cinco de Mayo 2014 festivities!

Lucky Diaz (who- did I mention?- is a Latin Grammy winner) has a fantastic connection to this holiday and has some passionate things to say about his parents who were immigrant farm workers who marched alongside César Chavez in the 1970s.   Diaz says that Aqui, Alla is a journey in discovering, transforming and celebrating being Latino, Mexican and ultimately an American.  I imagine there are a lot of Americans that can relate to Lucky’s sentiments.

Track Listing

  1. Viva La Pachanga
  2. Orale
  3. La Pequena Arana – Note:  It’s the Itsy Bitsy Spider in Spanish!
  4. Cantaba La Rana
  5. El Cucuy
  6. Tu Eres Amor
  7. Vamos A Contar
  8. Aqui, Alla
  9. De Colores

As always, Diaz and family always bring the fun.  Brooke and I had lots of fun dancing to this one and with her love of colors was particularly fond of the song ‘De Colores’.  Highly recommended!

Want to check out some more Lucky Diaz albums?  Be sure to pick up their two acclaimed family albums entitled Fantastico (2013) and Potluck (2012) for more of their great tunes!

Did you know?  Mexico’s Independence Day (which is sometimes mistaken for Cinco de Mayo by Americans) is actually on September 16 each year.  Mark your calendars!

(Photo Credit: Corey Nickols)

Lucky Diaz and the Family Band Aqui, Alla CD (All Ages)

List Price: $ 15.00 (CD.  Available for Download!)

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