Gracefully Made Custom Coordinate Necklace (Austin, Texas)


Gracefully Made Custom Coordinate Necklace (Austin, Texas)

Welcome to Gracefully Made Jewelry, the home of personalized jewelry, a complete collection designed to reflect your family’s love.

Austin, Texas will always be a special place to my family.  My husband was born here and so were our two daughters.  To them, Austin has been the only home they have known.  While I am officially a Yankee (Ohio born and bred), my family decided on my husband’s and my re-vow ceremony on our 11th year wedding anniversary over a year ago that I am now an ‘honorary Austinite/Texan’.  I’ll take it!  I may not have been born here, but after ten years of living in Texas it seems that I got here as soon as I could.  We love to celebrate our Austin roots and, if you haven’t realized it by now, I’m an extremely sentimental Cancer that loves to honor my family.  I was excited to find some fantastic personalized jewelry pieces that were *gasp* reasonably priced as well as being well made by a company called Gracefully Made.  I was immediately drawn to the Custom Coordinate Necklace and thought what better way to celebrate my little Austinites than with the exact coordinates to where they were born into this world.  Wow!

Personalize and Customize to Reflect Your Personal Choices

Each necklace and bracelet made by Gracefully Made is carefully crafted and uniquely customized to reflect your individual choices. They use a variety of precious metal including fine 14K gold or sterling silver and their styles are purposely simple in design, so they can be worn daily, as timeless reminders of your loved ones. Looking for ways to further personalize your gift of handmade jewelry? Check out their “A La Carte” page for options like adding a Swarovski crystal birthstone or freshwater pearl, adding a chain extender, or upgrading to a fine sterling silver chain. Add layers of meaning with one or more symbolic charms, like an open heart, a wing, or a birthstone. Their bracelets are the perfect gift to commemorate family occasions. Build a charm bracelet for Grandma, adding a charm for each new birth in the family, or mark a birthday or graduation with a simple chain bracelet and tiny initial letter attached. Each item is graceful, delicate, and dainty, so it’s always comfortable and always in style.

Gracefully Made Custom Coordinate Necklace (Austin, Texas)


I like keeping my close ones near to my heart and what better way than with a pendant on a chain that has the coordinates of their place of birth. A 1″ washer is hand stamped and personalized with your specific location coordinates!  Even cuter, there is a small silver heart charm in the center and the pendant hangs from an 18″ ball chain.  Remember to leave the latitude and longitude coordinates in your order notes at checkout to complete the transaction.  My Austin, Texas coordinate necklace is so special and I love wearing it.  It’s a great conversation piece and it makes a wonderful gift for those spouses who are (hint, hint) still looking.  What a wonderful way to celebrate my family and my honorary hometown of Austin.

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Gracefully Made Custom Coordinate Necklace (Austin, Texas)

List Price: $ 26.00


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