Mr. & Mrs. Tees by Marriage Tees (Fashion for Parents)

Mr. Mrs

Mr. & Mrs. Tees by Marriage Tees

Celebrating Life, Love, and the Sanctity of Marriage

It’s almost Valentine’s Day!  Yes!  This year I really started thinking about my marriage and how proud I am of ‘us’ (Bob and I), especially over the last year where we have somehow grown closer than before.  Bob and I have been married a long time.  Okay, a little over 12 years to be exact, and 15 years total counting the years we dated.  Going back even further, Bob and I have been good friends since I was 15 years old, so we have been friends for over 20 years of my life. *Gasp*  Where did the time go?  It sometimes seems like two decades just flew by and I like to remember all we have accomplished together and having an accurate reflection of what we have done as a team is important.  We grew up in the same, small Appalachian town in Ohio where no one would seem to leave and somehow we ended up as a family of four in Austin, Texas.  What – the – what?!?  We created a great family and I like having an anchor like my marriage that has been forged with age and events together that made us stronger.  I learned that maybe happiness is a mindset (ok, darn it, it’s true!), and if that is the case, I made up my mind.  I’m happy right where I am.

“Happiness is anyone and anything at all, that’s loved by you.” – Charlie Brown

After two kids together, one traumatic miscarriage, a job layoff, job stress, and Stay-at-Home Dad-dom -which was going to last only a year but ended up being four- I suppose you can say we’ve been through a lot together in the recent years.  We’ve had our ups and downs through an interesting period that seemed like a crisis after crisis, which comes apparently from having a toddler and a baby who has colic due to digestion issues under one roof simultaneously, but the most important thing is we still love each other and are both committed to our marriage.  As our kids grow older, they have become well aware of how Bob and I communicate, get along, and overcome any obstacles together, and that, my friends, is a beautiful thing.  We are a huge strength for each other.  We learned how to be better together, nope, it didn’t all come naturally, and it’s something we celebrate.  Our lives aren’t successful because we didn’t get a divorce (that is silly), we feel successful because we are happy and want to stay together.  When times get tough, and I’m bracing myself for when we have two teenage girls, ‘this too shall pass’ does not include our marriage.  I am blessed to have Bob and our two girls in my life and I won’t take that for granted.  I can see me saying the same thing another fifteen years from now. I can see us together thirty/forty/fifty years from now.  It’s a choice we have made and we would make the same choice again x-number of years later.  Our marriage is a commitment we made to each other and ourselves and the work we put into it doesn’t feel like work, it feels like love. 


I could probably write more, but this started as a review post that turned into a tribute to my love as we near Valentine’s Day and I just let it happen!  Everything I wrote is what I’m feeling and that is probably why I was intrigued by Marriage Tees and their fun line of t-shirts that celebrate ‘life, love, and the sanctity of marriage’ in the first place.  Sure, you don’t need a tee shirt to express your love to your partner, but the ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’ tees are a reflection of us – our commitment- which is perfect for Valentine’s Day.  While the Mr. and Mrs. tees are really a fun way to show our silly side, the message itself means much more than that.  We are celebrating our lives together.  Bob and I are getting better as we age and if you would have told me at twenty-four years old that we would be rocking a ‘Mr.’ and ‘Mrs.’ tee twelve years later, I know I would have said, “Of course we will!”  Plus, Bob will actually wear his shirt when I do – which may as well be the definition of love – ha!  Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your family!

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.

Mr. & Mrs. Tees by Marriage Tees

List Price: $ 20.00 Each

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