Cornucopia Popcorn Creations Tin for Valentine’s Day (Local Austin, Texas)


Cornucopia Popcorn Creations Tin for Valentine’s Day (Local Austin, Texas)

Cornucopia’s 1 Gallon Tin!  Choose up to 3 flavors! 15 cups of popcorn!

I’ve heard a lot of funny stories from my mom about my dad and his cheapskate ways.  My dad suffers from spending anxiety, as I have come to call it.  I totally understand where he is coming from; his father (a Veteran) worked on the B&O Railroad for his entire working life and scheduling and finances were always iffy.  One year my grandfather had to have surgery when my dad was in high school and the railroad didn’t pay you for sick leave, so he essentially made no income while he recovered.  And – it was a long process.  My dad worked from the time he could until he reached retirement age and while he is on a fixed income and could afford to spend a little here and there on nice things, he is always one to pinch pennies.

My favorite story has to be on one of my mom and dad’s first dates where they went to the movies.  My mom, always one to indulge, said, “Ohhh!  We have to get POPCORN and pop (they live in Ohio – they call soda pop!)”  My mom said my dad, just out of his teens and a college student went pale and shaky.  He would NEVER buy popcorn at the movies!  That’s crazy talk.  He barely wanted to pay the cost of a ticket and it always had to be a matinee.  Well, my mom won out – my dad trying to make a good impression – and the popcorn tradition continues in our family to this day.  If you watch a movie, you MUST get popcorn.


These days with two little kids we end up watching most of our movies at home.  I’ve watched way more children’s movies now than I did as a kid!  Ha.  We make and buy all kinds of popcorn to go with our movies and our favorite kind is always flavored.  Bob is really good about making concoctions of popcorn flavors, with our favorite being peanut butter caramel bacon balls.  YUM!  It is delicious!  It’s always fun to buy gourmet popcorn and I’m excited to tell you about a local Austin, Texas company called Cornucopia Popcorn that hand-makes over 30 flavors of gourmet popcorn in their Red River Street location.  Cornucopia Popcorn is Austin’s own popcorn utopia and it was voted as Best of Austin in the Austin Chronicle in 2015.  Wow!

Cornucopia Popcorn has a ton of flavors of gourmet popcorn to choose from so check their entire list here!  It’s a pretty amazing mix of flavors in specific categories of Candied, Chocolate , Seasoned, Vegan, and Holiday Flavors.  Cornucopia is now selling specialty Valentine’s Day tins that include three or four holiday flavors just for sweethearts and our family got to try a tin!


Our Cornucopia’s Valentine’s Day Tin includes:

  1. Sweetheart Mix:  Candied flavor featuring red, white, and pink popcorn. Cherry, Watermelon, and Vanilla.
  2. Strawberry Cheesecake:  This decadent flavor will not disappoint. Cornucopia combines a house made strawberry-infused white chocolate drizzled over a cheesy kettle base topped off with a graham cracker crumble. Even better than the real thing!
  3. Champagne POP:  Made with a favorite childhood treat, POP ROCKS, this one of a kind flavor will add a little sparkle to your life! We love the bubbly, fruity nature of this effervescent cocktail which they created in their new Champagne POP!
  4. Chocolate Covered Cherry:  Just like the cordial, this is Cornucopia’s most romantic flavor. This flavor is used as wedding favors and Valentine’s Day gifts, the fruity cherry flavor drizzled in dark chocolate is sure to make your sweetie satisfied.


Our Cornucopia’s Valentine’s Day Tin

First, I have to tell you about how cool the tins are from Cornucopia.  They have a variety of sizes and their smallest is a one gallon tin that includes a handle up to an Event Bundle tin that can serve up to 50 people!  Wow.  We got the two gallon tin. Second, once we opened up the tin, the yummy sweet, buttery/salty smell of popcorn hit our nostrils instantly making us hungry.  My daughters were fascinated by all of the colors!  Red, white, and pink popcorn?!?  That’s a girl’s dream!  The tastes are like nothing I’ve ever had before and I have to say that Strawberry Cheesecake is my favorite and Bob and Brie were partial to the Chocolate Covered Cherry flavor.  I admit it is hard to choose a favorite and it is all delicious.  How I have never thought of mixing popcorn with strawberry chocolate and graham cracker crumbles is beyond me since it is pure genius.  The girls LOVED the POP ROCKS that are in the Champagne POP flavor and the fun popping in their mouths was very exciting.  The holiday flavors for Valentine’s Day are fun and delicious and our family loved trying this fresh, yummy tin of popcorn that is made right here in Austin!  Overall, we are all impressed with Cornucopia Popcorn Creations and are excited to take our tin back to the store for another refill.  YUMMY!


Store Hours

Mon-Sat 10am-8pm   Sunday 12pm-6pm

  • 3211 Red River St.
  • Austin, TX 78705

Craving Popcorn in Austin?  Cornucopia Delivers!  Look HERE for details on delivery zones and prices.

Refill Your Tin!  All IN-STORE refills are 50% off when you bring in your Cornucopia tin.  Wow!

Cornucopia Popcorn Creations Tin for Valentine’s Day (Local Austin, Texas)

List Price: $20.00 – $24.00 (1 Gallon Tin), $33.00-$41.00 (2 Gallon Tin) (Many additional tins and serving sizes available)

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