Valentine’s Day Love w/ Skinit Covers


Valentine’s Day Love w/ Skinit Covers

The perfect Valentine’s Day gift is just a ‘case away’. 

Looking for the perfect gift? Give the power of CHOICE!

Gift buying for Valentine’s Day can be a daunting task, but Skinit Gift Cards and eCards have made it easy. What’s a Skinit?  Skinit is the industry leader in personalized and branded cases & skins for all your electronic devices from cell phones to tablets.  It’s a way to protect and personalize your devices.  Skinit has over 500 devices to choose from and over 6,000 designs (from NFL to Hello Kitty, Marvel to Looney Tunes, & many more) and you can even choose and personalize your own case by uploading photos to create a one-of-a-kind design.


This Valentine’s Day give the gift of love with a personalized Skin or Case from Skinit!  Whether it is a cute design for kids, a personalized picture for mom or a wallet case for dad, you can create a one-of-a-kind gift that people will actually use.  I know because I made my own personalized Skinit case for my iPad Mini that includes a picture of my family and a cute font with a name on my iPad.  I love looking at it and it makes me smile, plus no one can be confused that the iPad is mine.


Create Your Own design in 3 easy steps

Custom Cases & Skins by Skinit (cite:

  • You use your phone to express yourself to the world online, now you can show your style everywhere you go in the real world too.
  • Show up at the game sporting the team logo on your phone. Are you a Hello Kitty girl? Bring her with you everywhere. Favorite comic character? Batman or Iron Man?
  • Choose from thousands of popular licensed brands like Star Wars, DC Comics, or Betty Boop. Your favorite sports team – NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL. We’ve got you covered. Show your love for a university fraternity or sorority, group membership, favorite characters, famous artwork, movies, games, creative designs… There is a skin for you!
  • Or just be you and create a unique, one-of-a-kind design – upload your own photos and artwork! The possibilities are endless! Just use the Customizer! Personalize and protect all of your electronic devices with form-fitting skins, covers & cases. Skinit products have been designed to perfectly fit the unique contour of your device. They are ultra low-profile, ensuring they will not interfere with docks, chargers or other accessories.


About Skinit: Skinit – the Leader in On-Demand Personalization Technology.  With corporate offices in San Diego, California, USA, Skinit currently powers more than 19 personalization programs for Fortune 1000 companies, including the Medical, Wireless, Retail, Consumer Electronic, Home Appliance and Commercial Graphics markets.  Skinit’s online design tools provide state-of-the-art photo upload, manipulation, and decoration, offering real-time creation of consumer designs ready for manufacture.

Valentine’s Day Love w/ Skinit Covers

List Price: $24.99 (iPad Mini Skinit)

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