Valentine’s Feature for SOPHi non-toxic fingernail polish


Valentine’s Feature for SOPHi non-toxic fingernail polish

SOPHi by Piggy Paint.  No Odor. Natural.  Durable. 

I’ve written numerous articles on Piggy Paint, the all natural fingernail polish for girls that is as ‘natural as mud’.  Our oldest, Brooke, is in love with Piggy Paint as much as ever and her new thing is to put different colors of her Piggy Paint nail polish on each fingers so she has ‘rainbow nails.’  It’s adorable.  It is so nice that my daughter can look fancy with nail polish that doesn’t include harsh chemical fingernail polish like many others on the market.

Piggy Paint, which is a non-toxic nail polish company for kids, have had numerous account from parents, like me, for the company to make polish gear towards adults because we want non-toxic nail polish for us adults, too!  Piggy Paint has come through with their new collection called SOPHi, which is a revolutionary PRIME + SHINE + SEAL System for maximum durability. The formula is the same water-based solution that leaves nails healthy, but does not include harsh, smelly chemicals.  Hooray!  The colors are aimed at adults, so they are not only SOPHisticated nail polish, they are natural and have a reasonable price for competitive retail.

While I have written countless reviews for Valentine’s Day recommendations for our kiddos and husbands, it’s time to do one that is just for MOM.  Yay!  There are some new SOPHi colors that are perfect for the season including the red polish at the top of this review called Out of the Cellar and the four new colors below are also amazing, especially my favorite, Date Knight.  You can also purchase prime and sealer kits as well as nail polish remover gels and sticks.  Just like Piggy Paint, SOPHi has a unique nail polish remover that contains no acetone remover so it has little odor and is also hypoallergenic.  Have your loved ones treat themselves this Valentine’s Day with SOPHi nail polish that leaves nails healthy and does not cause them to yellow or become brittle.  It is a wonderful treat for you and a lovely Valentine’s Gift for those who are looking for a little spoiling!

For product information, ingredients or to watch their How to Apply for Best Results video please visit!

Date Knight Match MakerDate Knight and Match Maker

Skinny Dip and Chips Winking at You  Skinny Dip and Chips and Winking and You

Valentine’s Feature for SOPHi non-toxic fingernail polish

List Price: $ 7.99 Each


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