Jade Canopy Gardening Box Subscription


Jade Canopy Gardening Box Subscription

We’re a mother-daughter team that concocts a monthly gardening subscription box! We’re nurturing the world around us.

Get Gardening with Jade Canopy!

  • Organic, Heirloom, Non-GMO seeds (Eat healthier & stay healthy!)
  • Perfect for those on your list who seem to have everything!
  • A gardening surprise, no matter the season. With us, you’ll never be bored.

I’ve dropped little hints here and there, but since it’s pretty much official; I will announce that Bob and I are now home-owners.  Yes, our little family of four (plus two cats) will no longer be renters, we will be paying our monthly home payments to our mortgage company.  It already feels great to know that we will have a space to call our own.  No more white walls (which I disdain!), boring window treatments, and cookie-cutter rentals.  I can have a REAL garden, not a make-shift space that could easily be transported, but a place that I know I can continue to cultivate each and every year.  Since we are still in that move-in process it’s been really hectic and crazy around here, but one thing is for sure, I am looking forward to our new backyard.

Quick story:  The very first home Bob and I rented was outside of Cincinnati, Ohio.  We were in our twenties, two years into our marriage, and testing out the waters of being homeowners.  I was so excited that I spent weeks weeding the yard and re-planting a very neglected flower bed that I was so excited to see bloom in the spring.  The whole thing was a labor of love and it was months in the making; we had thought we would buy the home and the owner was willing to do a rent-to-own deal with us.  Then – it happened – my husband got offered a ‘too good to be true’ job offer in DALLAS.  DALLAS?  I hedged.  I had a decent job in Cincinnati and my entire family – OUR entire family – lived in Ohio.  Plus, the flower bed!  The home!  I had to give it serious thought and look at my husband’s puppy-dog eyes, for what seemed like weeks, but I finally relented.  This was a big chance for him, so we were moving to Texas.  Fast forward almost ten years and two kids later, and we are still in Texas (Austin now), and still living in rentals.  I never got to see my garden bloom in Cincinnati, but I believe there is a reason for everything – and guess what?  I’m READY to start my garden again, and this time, I have an official mortgage bill to tell me that we have a stake in this place and I’m ready to grow some roots.  Literally and figuratively.


My new backyard.  As you can see, I have a lot of work to do…..

OK, so that wasn’t a quick story as I had promised (mine never are – le sigh!), but I wanted to tell you why I have been looking at gardening stuff in the MIDDLE OF winter.  It’s because I’m too darn excited at getting started making my garden and it is a year-round affair.  It just so happens there is a new gardening subscription box called Jade Canopy that is made with love from a mother-daughter team (Pam and Lorna) from Grand Rivers, KY (just a mere four hours where we had lived in Cincinnati) and I want to nurture my green thumb.  If you didn’t already know, gardening is a great way to relieve stress and depression and making your own food and herbs is just awesome.  We’ve done our own little in-home herbs and some little plants outside our rentals, but real weeding and gardening is not so much work as it is an enjoyable hobby.

So what is Jade Canopy’s monthly boxes?  Lots of surprises for one, but you will know that in each and every box there will be a theme that is relevant to the month at hand.  So, I’ve been really excited to see what’s in store in my January box, but from their website, I know that each subscription box includes:

* Instructional Pieces : This includes month-by-month gardening to-do lists, words of wisdom from their gardening master and little tid-bits from this mother-daughter team that have over 30 years of experience in this field.

* A Project : This team has tons of ideas and products to keep that gardening gear well-oiled.

* Seeds and Bulbs : From organic, heirloom, hard-to-find varieties, and everything in-between – they will have you covered.

* Just for YOU : There is also at least one bonus item in your box that will be sure to lift your spirits and motivate you to get gardening!

Jade Canopy’s January Gardening Box

Drum roll, please!  In my January Box of Jade Canopy, I received some wonderful features this month in specific categories…..



  • January “To-Do” List
  • January Planning
  • Words of Wisdom


  • It’s Planning Time!  Grab your included notebook!


  • (4) Blanda Anemone Bulbs


  • Organic non-GMO Cauliflower
  • Organic non-GMO carrots

Just for You:

  • Flower Pen
  • 2016 Farmer’s Almanac

My Thoughts!

This box is amazing!  It is filled with ways to plan and document in a gardening notebook including going through the seed catalogs to decide on proper planting, make detailed lists of planting categories (fruits, veggies, flowers, etc.) and finding the right zone you are in for temperature planning.  I learned about soil types, the importance of drainage, and how to make grids in your garden.  I also learned what plants I can start planting in January (indoors or outdoors) and the included Anemones flowers can be planted outdoors now while the cauliflower can be started indoors.  The words of wisdom that were included talked about the importance of starting indoor planting sooner rather than later so that the seed can properly germinate in the soil beforehand.  Who knew?  OK, maybe you did, but this is all new to me.  There were so many great ‘to do’ lists that were relevant to my new backyard, like pruning the rose bushes and keeping the bird feeders stocked and I’m even beginning to map out my planting schedule for spring. I highly recommend the Jade Canopy box for those who are beginning to seriously garden or for seasoned gardeners who can always learn something new.  Now time to start reading the Farmer’s Almanac for the very first time.  I’m so excited!

Charity!  Jade Canopy donates 10% of their monthly profits to charity. Their favorites? Anything and everything involving animals!  Now that’s my kind of company.  BTW, Pam and Lorna have a cat named Mittens, which just happened to be my very first cat’s name when I was born 30-something odd years ago.  Adorable.

Jade Canopy Gardening Box Subscription


List Price: $ 30.00 (Month to Month)  Subscriptions available at a discount for 3 and 6 months pre-pay!


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