Classic Chutes And Ladders® Game by Winning Moves


Classic Chutes And Ladders® Game by Winning Moves

This classic edition features the delightful artwork from the 70’s. It will bring back fond memories and help create new ones!

I am apparently a bit of a nostalgia game snob.  Bob and I bought a re-vamped version of Candy Land several months ago and I could not get over the fact that the illustrations looked different, some characters had changed and it didn’t feel ‘right’ to play it.  I want my old board games from my youth to look EXACTLY the same way when I play them with my kids.  Is that too much to ask?  Apparently not because Winning Moves has brought back one of my old favorites, Chutes and Ladders, and they are using the old classic 70’s artwork.  It is just how I remember the game and I couldn’t be more excited to play the game with Brooke.

For those that don’t know, Chutes and Ladders is a two to four person game for ages four and up that deals with simple math and a bit of chance to win the game.  There are 100 squares on the Chutes and Ladders board and you use a spinner that has the numbers 1-6 to see how many spaces your game piece moves.  However, this is where the fun of chance comes in!  You can land on a space that could have a ‘chute’ or a ‘ladder’.  If you land on a ‘chute’, that means you slide your piece down by X number of space.  If you land on a ‘ladder’ you get to advance or ‘climb’ to a higher square.  The first player to get to square 100 wins the game.  We delight in getting a ladder space and sigh when we land on a chute, and the fun of the game has not been lost in time.

Classic Chutes And Ladders® Game Contents:

  • Heavy-duty bi-fold gameboard
  • 4 movers with plastic bases
  • Oversized spinner
  • Illustrated instructions

Classic Chutes And Ladders® Game by Winning Moves

List Price: $ 15.95

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