Sparkle Purple Unicorn Horn Tween Size Headband by Brooklyn Owl


Sparkle Purple Unicorn Horn Tween Size Headband by Brooklyn Owl

Creator of handmade unicorn horns, hair clips, headband and more while living in Brooklyn, NY with my husband and daughter!

Laugh at the idea of unicorns, if you will, but did you know that Scotland takes great pride in their national animal, the unicorn.  It’s true!  Look it up!  While having a mythical animal as your patriotic mascot may seem odd, it has a lot to do with Scottish history. Since the 12th century, the unicorn has been used in Scottish heraldic symbols and was combined with the English lion on the royal coat of arms when the two kingdoms merged. Unicorns are closely identified with Scotland and national animals do not have to be considered ‘real’ to be chosen.  So, the next time someone talks about the unicorn, bring up this interesting fact that Scotland does indeed claim the unicorn as their official national animal!  Who knew?


Scotland isn’t the only place with people who are hypnotized by the allure of the unicorn.  My daughters are both obsessed with them.  I blame this phenomenon on My Little Ponies, and my oldest daughter’s favorite is called Amethyst Star who also happens to be a unicorn.  Not only does she love the show and the unicorns, I think she secretly wants to BE a unicorn.  Ha!  As always, I like to feed into her imagination and we both love playing dress-up.  Luckily, I found the most adorable unicorn horns from Brooklyn Owl that have a wide variety of ‘horn types’ which includes ones for kids, tweens, and adults!  Oh yeah!  They are reasonably priced, sparkle as only unicorn horns should, and have brought a lot of joy to my little Brooke the Unicorn.  Perfect for Halloween, dress-up, or any time you are feeling ‘prancy’, grab a Brooklyn Owl unicorn horn today and let your inner legendary animal shine!  What fun.


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UC1  FullSizeRender

Sparkle Purple Unicorn Horn Tween Size Headband by Brooklyn Owl

List Price: $ 18.00

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