Laurie Berkner’s New Album “Love”



Laurie Berkner’s New Album “Love”

In Time for Valentine’s Day!  Album Drops January 26, 2016.

For those who don’t know Laurie, she is a former preschool music teacher who became an indie rocker extraordinaire overnight.  She began selling her music over ten years ago on her own independent label, Two Tomatoes Records.  Her songs are catchy, fun and her musical talent backs up her love of making music for children. She has a crystal clear voice and her songs are perfect for preschoolers and young children.  We have seen her skyrocket in fame when she started to appear in Nick Jr. videos and is now featured regularly on Sprout in a feature called ‘Sing It Laurie’.

I’m excited to report that this best-selling children’s recording artist and preschool television favorite Laurie Berkner will release a fully remastered digital album, Love, on January 29, in time for Valentine’s Day.  The album features songs performed by Laurie and eight of the songs on the album were personally selected by Laurie as her favorite songs from her previous albums.  Love celebrates that mysterious force that makes the world go ’round while showcasing a world-class voice gracefully delivering a virtuosic range of moods and musical styles.  With a warm mix of sixteen songs (plus two super sweet bonus tracks!), Love essays love as a two-way street connecting the child, the parent, and the world. From snuggle-up songs like “I Gave My Love A Cherry” (featuring Laurie’s daughter, Lucy Mueller) and the goodnight lullaby “Your Beautiful Eyes” to get-up-and-dance favorites like “My Family,” Love provides a great way to say “I love you” on Valentine’s Day and throughout the year.

Some of our favorite songs on Love are “Open Your Heart,” (which was written to bring attention to the charitable organization The Pajama Party that sends pajamas to kids in foster care), “Fly Me To The Moon” which is a cute softer song, and her classic song “Under A Shady Tree” which is a sunny, reggae-influenced song about being together.  The songs on the album are in a fantastic list that is perfect for wind-down time.  Starting with the super sweet “Open Your Heart” and ending with “Goodnight”, Laurie’s songs continue to soothe and make listeners feel good.  Awesome album!

Reflecting on Valentine’s Day, Laurie Berkner says, “I noticed how many of my songs are about loving someone in your family, loving someone in your life, and loving yourself.  With Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought it would be fun to put those songs together on one album.  Valentine’s Day is so often thought of in terms of romantic love, but, to me, it speaks to all the aspects of love in a much more inclusive way.  There are so many kinds of love in the world!  I want to celebrate all of them.”

Love Sound Track:

  1. Open Your Heart
  2. I Love My Rooster
  3. I Gave My Love A Cherry (The Riddle Song)
  4. My Family Download Track
  5. Smile Download Track
  6. There’s A Little Wheel A-Turnin’ In My Heart
  7. A Lullaby
  8. I’m Not Perfect
  9. Fly Me To The Moon
  10. Froggie Went A-Courtin’
  11. Your Beautiful Eyes
  12. 123
  13. Winter Lullaby
  14. Blow A Kiss
  15. Goodnight
  16. Under A Shady Tree (BONUS Track)
  17. Choc-o-lot In My Pock-o-lot (BONUS Track)
  18. The Cookie Bakers Of The Night (BONUS Track)


Laurie Berkner Performance Highlights – Dec. 2015 – May 2016

  • Jan. 31 – Children’s Museum of Manhattan “Sunday Funday” benefit, Pier Sixty, Chelsea Piers, NYC
  • Feb. 28 – Lincoln Theatre, Washington, DC
  • April 2 – Bankhead Theater, Livermore, CA
  • April 16 – Rialto Theater, Loveland, CO
  • April 30 – Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, VA
  • May 7 – iPlay America, Freehold, NJ

Laurie Berkner’s New Album “Love”

List Price: $12.99 for digital download (Love will be available for download at all digital retailers, including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, and more.)



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