Assuage Natural Foot Scrub with Pumice Stone for Men & Women


Assuage Natural Foot Scrub with Pumice Stone for Men & Women

Moisturizing, exfoliating, and anti-fungal treatment for dry and calloused feet.

Let’s face it: dry and calloused feet are not only highly unattractive, but uncomfortable and a rising problem in the majority of the population. Bob and I love using Pumice Stone to help with our dry feet and elbows and I was excited to learn that Maple Holistics also offers a foot scrub that includes this exfoliating volcanic root.  This scrub is also nice since it combines Pumice Stone with an array of beneficial essential oils for healthier, fluffier feet.  This is an awesome product for these long winter months!  I’m enjoying this product even more than having a Pumice Stone for my feet because it keeps my foot moisturized and easily repairs skin into a silky smooth texture.  Yay for feet!

About the Product:
  • Moisturizing foot cream to repair cracked heels for softness and smoothness
  • Treats dry feet and works to stimulate circulation
  • Fine ground authentic volcanic rocks exfoliate without decreasing the moisturizing benefits
  • Premium formula which is fast absorbing, anti-fungal, and refreshing
  • Made in USA, hypoallergenic, contains natural and organic ingredients

Formula and Benefits:

Pumice Stone: Pumice stone is created as a result of highly pressurized rocks erupting from a volcano. Considered to be one of nature’s best exfoliating agents, this primary component works to exfoliate without diminishing the comfort label .

Tea Tree: Known for its powerful anti-fungal properties, Tea Tree of the highest grade helps clean the feet with its natural anti-bacterial qualities.

Tagetes: Tagetes is reputed to be one of the most therapeutic essential oils for the area of skin beneath the feet. This Egyptian plant synergizes together with Tea Tree fortify the feet while fighting several classes of damaging bacteria.

Peppermint: Not only is this aromatic addition great for the feet, it also helps provide a cooling sensation upon application, resulting in a pleasurable, spa-like experience.

Assuage Natural Foot Scrub with Pumice Stone for Men & Women

List Price: $ 13.77

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