Brick Loot Monthly Box Subscription for Brick and Lego Lovers for January (Coupon Code)


Brick Loot Monthly Box Subscription for Brick and Lego Lovers

Brick Loot is a monthly subscription box company geared towards LEGO and Brick Lovers! Get a surprise box delivered monthly filled with bricktastic fun.

You may have heard the brilliance behind the monthly subscription box for LEGO and Brick lovers called Brick Loot.  Brick Loot is the creation of 9-year-old Parker Krex who has had a deep love for LEGOs since the age of 3.  By the age of 4, he started reviewing his sets on YouTube.  WOW.  Parker always had an entrepreneurial spirit and has always looked for ways to make money so he can fund his LEGO addiction including his family’s yard sales. It was at one of his yard sales that Parker had the idea for the Brick Loot’s business plan and Parker and his mother put together a “Shark Tank Type” pitch to get dad as an investor and it worked!

In each of Parker’s monthly subscription box of Brick Loot you will get a box filled with LEGO and brick related items. He and his team search high and low for the newest, coolest and most outrageous items you will not find at your local toy store. All items are hand picked by their LEGO loving team and sure to leave you with a BIG smile.

Brick Loot Partners: Brick Forge; Oyo Sports, Nanoblock, No Starch Press, Vinyl is your Friend, Brick Stix, Brick Popper, JK Brick Works, Cape Madness, Brick Builders Pro, Brick Mania, PlayTape, Brick Studs, United Bricks, Brick Journal, Brick Nerd, Spin Master, Laser Pegs, Roblox

Each box MAY include: (boxes are a surprise each month so items will vary)

  • Brick themed T-Shirt (1-4x a year)
  • Exclusive Brick Loot Minifigures
  • Custom Build with Bricks (Instructions and pieces) in EVERY BOX
  • LEGO compatible products
  • The newest brick items in the market
  • Exclusive Brick Loot items you can not get ANYWHERE else!
  • Join our creative and fun community of brick builders
  • Create an unboxing video and get entered to win a HUGE LEGO PRIZE!


January Brick Loot Box, All Aboard!

  • Brickland Railway Station – And Exclusive Build!
  • Exclusive Brick Loot mini figure, The Conductor
  • Railroad Tape from In Road Toys
  • Choo Choo! Brickland Express train build
  • LED Railway Station Light Kit

The January Brick Loot Box is all about TRAINS!  As you may have gathered from my multiple train posts over the years, our trips to the train flyers in Cedar Park, and my family’s history and love of trains (my grandfather worked on the B&O Railroad from the time he was a teen as a brakeman until he retired as a conductor), this may be our favorite Brooke Loot Box yet.  I have previously reviewed the In Road Toys special tape that are designed to look like roads or train tracks, so I was happy to see that Brick Loot included a Railroad tape set in this box.  That means you and your little one can create tracks anywhere in your home.  Both builds are quite challenging, from the exclusive Train Station that even includes a ticket booth, to the 129 piece express train.  It’s an amazing set and the LED light kit to help light the station doesn’t hurt either.  The custom LEGO mini-figure conductor is just icing on the cake for this exciting Brick Loot box.  Keep up the good work!  I can’t wait to find out what next month’s box that is all about Heroes will look like.  Right now, I think each box keeps getting better and more creative and that is a huge plus for subscribers.

Hero  February’s Brick Loot theme is “Become A Hero”

Coupon Code!  Brick Loot is offering my readers an exclusive code “bacon12” for 10% off on a 1 and 3 month subscriptions through

About Brick Loot: Brick Loot is a monthly subscription box company for LEGO and Brick fanatics! Our subscribers will receive a monthly box filled with unique, custom and never-before-seen items that work with LEGO bricks and custom building. Each month your Brick Loot box is filled with 4-8 items that are hand picked by Brick specialists who scour the world for the newest and coolest products for you to collect.

Brick Loot Monthly Box Subscription for Brick and Lego Lovers

List Pricing: 1 Month – $27 per month +shipping; 3 Months – $25 per month +shipping; 6 Months – $23 per month +shipping

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