Monthly Pepper Box Subscription January Box

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Monthly Pepper Box Subscription January Box

Explore True Heat!

Monthly Pepper Box is a hot sauce sampler box filled with 3 unique hot sauces every month. Discover independent hard to find face melting hot sauces, every month!


Hot sauces, I have discovered, are an addictive collectible.  My husband is a ‘Pepper Head’ and has amassed many sauces over the years.  We used to have a special shelf with all of his goodies until we realized we had no more room for our herbs and spices!  Yikes!  When Bob sees a new sauce, he gets giddy and has to try it.  It makes buying gifts for him sooo easy and it’s even easier when there are great monthly subscription boxes, like Monthly Pepper Box, that does all the legwork for you!

Monthly Pepper Box is about bringing the world of artisan hot sauce to the masses.  Each month you will receive a box of three awesome artisan hot sauces with varying flavors and degrees of PAIN.  You get to discover new brands and new tastes that will being your mouth pleasure.  This is American hot sauces sampled at its finest and if you join before the 15th of the month, you’ll get to sample that month’s box of hot sauce right away!

If you or your loved one is in the pursuit of all things hot sauce, Monthly Pepper Box is like having a miniature hot sauce festival delivered to your door every month. Each month discover savory gems of artisan hot sauces for only $22. In every box you’ll get 3 bottles of succulent heat ranging from a “Low Burn” to “Call the Fire Department” from hot sauce companies you’ve never heard of.  It’s the perfect box for the Pepper Head in your life, especially if that Pepper Head is you!

How it works:

  • Each month we’ll build you a Pepper Box of 3 unique sauces from the hot sauce maker we are featuring!
  • The hot sauces will range from “Mild” to “Call The Fire Department” Hot. Each month features 3 distinct heat levels.
  • Boxes will feature 3 different sauces from a single hot sauce maker OR 1 sauce each from 3 different hot sauce makers.

What’s In Pepper Box?

  • 3 Unique and Savory Hot Sauces
  • Less than $7 per Hot Sauce
  • Ships out on the 15th


January Pepper Box

Captain AssJack Minorcan Gold

  • Citrus based sauce from the pepper of St. Augustine, the Datil Pepper
  • Undertones of curry and peppercorn
  • Mild flavor that works well on seafood, chicken, and pork
  • Made in Jacksonville, Florida

Captain AssJack Minorcan Ghost

  • Hot sauce made with the burning heat of the ghost pepper, aka Bhut Jolokia from India
  • Hot flavor but compliments food if used lightly
  • Use straight on your food as a condiment but also great for marinades or dips
  • Made in Jacksonville, Florida

Flamingo Fire Original Blend

Overall, Bob was very pleased with the January Pepper Box.  He said two of the sauces were more sweet than hot, but the Captain Assjack ghost pepper sauce made his ever-loving heat palate happy!  He is looking forward to the next two boxes to try and up the ante!  Yee-haw!

Monthly Pepper Box Subscription January Box

List Price: $ 22.00/ per month

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