Fish Fish Squish! game


Fish Fish Squish! game

Mold your own school of dough-fish and get ready to “squish” your opponents’ fish!

When my parents came down from Ohio for their annual visit in October, the girls kept them busy making Play-Doh molds of EVERYTHING.  We had molds of mermaids, cars, ducks, cars; anything that they could find.  There were a rainbow of colors of every single mold.  When I saw this cool Fish Fish Squish! game, it reminded me of how much fun it was for the girls to make Play-Doh molds of things and also had just as much fun ‘squishing’ them when they were done.  Ah ha!  I thought.  This is the perfect game for my preschooler and kindergartner.

Fish Fish Squish! is just as much fun setting up as actually playing the game.  Each player (you can have two to four) gets their own color of modeling fun dough and four plastic fish molds to make their very own dough fish.  You have a deck of 54 colorful fish playing cards and the goal is to get three-in-a-row of the colors with the cards so that you earn one ‘squish’ of your opponents fish.  Of course, you have to stay on your fins since all the other players are trying to squish your fish too!  The player with the last fish standing WINS!  It’s fun, it’s wild, and it’s so much fun to squish a fish.  The game comes with re-sealable bags for each color of dough, so be sure to reseal the dough properly after playing (and NO MIXING COLORS) and this game will last a long time with your kiddos asking to play MORE!  At least, Fish Fish Squish! has become very popular in our household.  Two fins up!

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender[1] FullSizeRender[2]

  • Ages:5 and up
  • Players:2 to 4


  • Deck of 54 colorful fish playing cards
  • 4 re-sealable bags of safe modeling fun dough (blue, yellow, orange, and purple)
  • 4 plastic fish molds
  • 4 player mats and illustrated instructions

Watch!  Check out the Fish Fish Squish! game demo HERE.

Fish Fish Squish! game

List Price: $ 13.95

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